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Let these heaven quotes answer questions and give you thoughts about our external home. Heaven is a place where we can't even begin to imagine the beauty and peace we will experience. We hope these quotes inspire you.

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  1. Heaven is a world of charity, or love.
    Jonathan Edwards Heaven

  2. The longer you journey with your eyes on heaven, the more you begin to see.
    Joni Eareckson Tada, Heaven

  3. The reality of salvation through Christ alone is not something we should shy away from in our conversations with unbelievers, thinking it keeps them out of heaven. In contrast, it is the only way for us to invite them in.
    Dr. Robert Jeffress, Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

  4. The Lord will rule from heaven, progressively subduing all His enemies through the power of the gospel, brought to the nations by His Church.
    Douglas Wilson, Heaven Misplaced.

  5. Heaven Poems
    Heaven Poems

  6. I believe that God hears our fervent prayers and declarations, and He invites us to partner with Heaven and declare His words over us. Each page conveys the heart of Jesus and His power and love for each and every one of us.
    Ayelen Saavedra

  7. Jesus said He was the exclusive means to know God His Father and to come to His Father for salvation and a home in heaven. Either Jesus was right or He wasn't. I believe He was right.
    Dr. Mark L. Bailey

  8. For heaven is nearer to me, And at times it is all I can see. Sweet music I hear Coming down to my ear; And I know that it's playing for me.
    Nancy Honeytree

  9. So that the heavenly state of the church is a state that is distinguished from its earthly state, as it is that state which God has designed especially for such a communication of his Holy Spirit...
    Jonathan Edwards Heaven

  10. Although our justification is by faith alone (Rom. 5: 1; Gal. 2: 16), our heavenly rewards are based on our conduct in this life. If we live lives of faith and obedience to God, we will receive abundant heavenly rewards in the life to come
    Wayne Grudem, Christian Ethics

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    Poems on Life

  12. See, the rooms in heaven are one aspect of the mysteries of God. Few people have seen them and fewer talk about them. But the rooms in heaven are just as much a reality as heaven itself.
    Jennifer LeClaire, Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven's War Room

  13. Most of all, I pray that we would encounter the true Manna from heaven found in Christ..
    CJ Hitz, Manna from Heaven

  14. Heaven operates in perfection! If we can understand why something works there, we can implement those principles here on earth.
    Laurie A. Ditto, Encountering Heaven

  15. You were created to taste the rarified air of Heaven, even while still here on earth. Enjoy! Shalom and love.
    Sid Roth, Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

  16. Once you get a taste of Heaven, it's impossible to view our time on earth the same.
  17. Once you get a taste of Heaven, it's impossible to view our time on earth the same.
    Ana Werner

  18. The veil between heaven and earth still exists, but it's getting thinner. In other words, it's getting easier to see through the veil and into the spirit.
    Jennifer LeClaire, Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven's War Room

  19. Things are very different in Heaven. Earth could be so wonderful if we had the principles, practices, wills, and actions of Heaven.
    Laurie A. Ditto

  20. Heaven will be my eternal home with Christ. I'll just move into the part of his Father's house he prepared for me. No fixing up that home, no parts unfinished, no disappointments on moving day. No, he's prepared it, he's made it completely ready, completely perfect, completely mine.
    Joseph Bayly

  21. What the Lord inspires comes down from him through the heaven of angels and so through the world of spirits all the way to humankind.
    Emanuel Swedenborg. Secrets of Heaven 3

  22. Those of us who have placed our future in God's hands through faith in Jesus Christ know that heaven will be more wonderful than we could ever imagine.
    Honor Book, A Place Called Heaven

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    Poems on Faith

  24. The clothes in Heaven are supernatural. Imagine that all the colors ever made, including the exceptional and breathtaking colors only found in Heaven...
    Laurie A. Ditto

  25. Because the human heart cries out for answers about the afterlife, our silence on Heaven is particularly striking.
    Randy Alcorn, Heaven

  26. Justification gives us our title to heaven, and boldness to enter in. Sanctification gives us our meetness for heaven and prepares us to enjoy it when we dwell there.
    John Murray, Set Apart for God

  27. I have failed God many times on my journey to Heaven. I now realize, however, that my failures did not define me and that obedience to God through Christ is what leads to my eternal reward.
    Decius Brown, Young Man We Gotta Make It To Heaven

  28. ...let the doctrine of Heaven transform us and fill us with joyful anticipation.
    Randy Alcorn, Heaven

  29. And the truth, according to what the Bible teaches, is that there is a very narrow road that leads to heaven.
    Jonathan Bernis, A Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife

  30. So, if the nature of a gift, is that you can't pay for it or it's not a gift anymore - it's the same way with God's offer of the free-gift of heaven; you can't earn it; you can't do anything to get it.
    Daniel Donahue, Are You Certain You Are Going To Heaven?

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    Quotes About God

  32. ...views of heaven, are true, inasmuch as they represent it as a place entirely free from evil and suffering, and, at the same time, as an abode of positive happiness.
    F. J. Boudreaux, The Happiness of Heaven

  33. If there is a God and He is a God of love, then heaven is a wonderful place where all of God's children go after they die.
    Jonathan Bernis, A Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife

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