We're So Thankful

If you have a father you are thankful for, then this poem may be exactly what you are looking for! It also discusses the fact that all fathers, no matter how big or small, give up things for their children. Sometimes these sacrifices may look like more than others, but any sacrifice that is given on your child's behalf is a sacrifice, nonetheless! So never forget to be thankful for the sacrifices your parents have made for you because someday, you will likely be making your own for your children.

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We bring our family together,
To celebrate the one and only you.
A Happy Fathers day celebration,
Relaxing this wonderful day through.

Who knows the sacrifices you've made,
Probably only you and a few.
But don't go through life thinking,
You're kids don't have a clue.

We are thankful for everything Daddy,
Even the things that you didn't share.
We know you didn't want us to feel sorry,
You always made sure you were there.

We wish things could have been different,
That you could have had it all.
Goodness knows you surely deserve it,
As a father, you made the right call.

All of our needs were met with enthusiasm,
And a lot of our wants too.
You made sure not to spoil us rotten,
We grew up seeing through a good view.

We're so thankful for all of your loving,
We're so thankful for all of your hugs.
We're so thankful for the one on one attention,
And for helping us dig for those bugs.

You are a good and wonderful father,
Willing to give us everything you've got.
May you have the happiest of Fathers Days,
And may you know we love you a lot.
Julie Hebert

This poem is written in a "we" pronoun as if more than one child is sending these words of love to their father, but if you will be sending this poem just from you, by all means, change any of the "we's" to "I's" and "us" to "me".

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