34 Wedding Phrases

Using our words to express our happiness and hopes for a newlywed couple is an opportunity some do not have.  So take the time you need to come up with the perfect saying or phrase and allow us to help you on your journey.

  1. Allow me to congratulate you both on taking the next great step in your lives. Wedding Toasts

  2. With the very best wishes for your happiness together as husband and wife. Wedding Card Messages

  3. May everything beautiful and best be condensed in this card to show my sincerity in wishing you both happiness and love. What To Write In A Wedding Card

  4. I love Christmas time, its a time when even the unfriendliest of people find the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas Wishes

  5. We wish you a picture perfect union together forever and always. Marriage Wishes

  6. If we could wish for just one thing for you both, it would be for peace and happiness from now until forever.

  7. Love is a beautiful thing, you are both happy to have found each other. We wish your love will last a lifetime. Love Quotes

  8. Weddings are filled with love and laughter. Your wedding shouldn’t be any different! Wedding Wishes

  9. Wishing you every happiness as you begin your life together. Best wishes on your wedding day. Wedding Speech

  10. Today your lives become one.  Congrats!

  11. On this day, of all days I wish you were here. And I know if you could be, you would be. I know in spirit you are right by my side, as I pledge my life to the one I love. Wish You Were Here

  12. Today, tomorrow and always you are loved and wished the best the future brings.

  13. I’ve always wondered why more weddings don’t happen in the mornings. To me, mornings remind me of a fresh start. Birds singing remind me of a first dance and the sun rising symbolize beauty of a new commitment to each other. To me, a good morning wedding sounds like a perfect fit. Good Morning Wishes

  14. For each petal on the shamrock. This brings a wish your way good health, good luck, and happiness. For today and every day you are together. Irish Blessing

  15. Wish the bride and groom a lifetime of wedded bliss with the following wedding greetings.

  16. I stand here today, faced with my greatest decision and am proud of the one I made. I promise to be by your side from this day on, and love you for who you are. Wedding Vows

  17. There is no gift that I could possibly give you that would be more special than the gift you are giving each other on this special day. Wedding Gift Ideas

  18. Best wishes in your new lives together.

  19. Our marriage will be strong, it will not wither. But if it starts to sag I give you my word that I will do everything I can to strengthen it again! Marriage Vows

  20. Congratulations! Wishing you both a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime! Engagement Wishes

  21. Without you this day would be just an ordinary day. Let your blessing of love be your rock and let this day be a reminder of where it all began. Blessings

  22. A world of good luck and happiness in your lives together.

  23. A love so strong as yours, Should never go away. You bind yourselves together in marriage, and promise to never stray away. Marriage Poems

  24. Don’t let anyone tell you that a ring holds your marriage together. The ring is a symbol of how the two of you will hold your marriage together, together! Marriage Quotes

  25. A wish to you both that everyday will be happy from the start and may you always have good luck.

  26. The day you wed the man of your dreams, changes nothing yet everything. See you’ll still be you in every way, but from now on you’ll be accompanied by a ring! Bridal Shower Poems

  27. Today is your special day, filled with love and emotion. From today on your lives will be intertwined, blessed with love and devotion. Wedding Poems

  28. Remember your wedding is only the beginning. You’ll have the rest of your lives to share and confide your love for each other. Wedding Quotes

  29. We wish nothing but a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows.

  30. The years you’ve put into this marriage of yours, shows and is seen with envy. You were the few that did things write and never took your marriage for granted. Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  31. Celebrations are so amazing on their own, but when people like you join us and celebrate with us, the joy becomes so much more. What To Write In A Thank You Card

  32. Your day is finally here and we couldn’t be any happier for you if we tried! What To Write In A Wedding Card

  33. A retirement party is the next best thing since your wedding! Make it big, fun and fitting for a new life change. Retirement Wishes

  34. Without you I fall apart. On our wedding day, I knew in that moment that we would hold each other together. We’ve been doing it and will continue to do it for as long as we are together. Happy Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day Messages


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