Wedding Toasts

Anxiety usually sets in when we sit down to write a toast as we are unsure how it will come across in front of a large audience.  This is usually why it is so hard to find the appropriate words that share your wishes to the bride and groom in front of all their family and friends.


However, there are helpful hints to help you express yourself and begin writing your toasts.

1.   Start off by introducing yourself and how you know the couple.

2.   Mention how much you enjoyed the ceremony, if you were touched by their vows or the elegance of the ceremony or even the uniqueness of the ceremony.  Make some special comment on the proceedings.

3.   Make a positive comment about the bride and grooms relationship.  How special they are to have found each other or what a great couple they are.  A memory you have of the couple could always be told here too.

4.   You could always insert a joke if you are a comedian but make sure it is respectful of the couple.  Toasts should always be a warm and personal tribute to the couple so keep it clean, sweet and brief.

5.   A quote or poem could always be read on their behalf.

6.   End on cheerful note by congratulating them or wishing them well.  Express your hopes for them in the future.

7.   Hopefully you’ve remembered a glass to cheer to them!  You can say to the bride and groom or use their names instead of bride and groom and then Cheers!


Toast Etiquette tips:


    Don’t give a toast when you are drunk.

    Make sure what you say and short and sweet.

    Never bring up past relationships.

    Make sure you look presentable before going up in front of all those people.

    Don’t release any future plans the couple may have confided to you and don’t predict they are going to be doing things in the future that you are not sure about. 

    Keep costs and wedding gifts out of the toast.

    Avoid talking about your own marriage unless you have a positive and helpful tip for them.  ie. to cherish and love each other from now and forever.

    Always practice your speech before hand and let someone else read it to make sure if sounds alright.

    Be confident

    Smile - be friendly. 

So as you can see, writing speeches does not have to be difficult.  All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you will have your own personal toast to say to the newlyweds.  You may find seeing sample toasts to be helpful. If you are attending a wedding with either the bride or groom being Irish, you may want to recite an Irish toast.


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