29 Get Well Wishes

When someone we know and love gets injured or sick, we want to be there for them. One way we can do that is by sending get well wishes of healing and health wishing them a speedy recovery.

Allow us to help you find the right words to use in a card, email or, text to someone who is sick.

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  1. If you were here with us, I know you would be excited and ready for the next step. Seeing that life through us a twist, know that I am celebrating for you and hope to see you again soon.
    Wish You Were Here

  2. Here's to you, my honest friend, Wishing these hard times to mend. Author Unknown
    Condolence Message

  3. When you feel sick, it's that one time I get to sit with you and cuddle and appreciate you for just you. I hope you feel better soon, but selfishly I am going to enjoy this time I get to spend with you because I love you.
    Cute Love Quotes

  4. Since youíve been sick our time together has been few, I see you but it's not the same. Please get well soon, I miss you and our friendship. Life without you is so very lame.
    I Miss You Poems

  5. When a new year starts we all expect it to be better than the last, but we all know this isnít always the case. Wishing you time to heal and rejuvenate so you can turn this year around.
    New Year Wishes

  6. There is no way you can dispute the fact that I love you so much because I will sit with you, wait with you, hold you for as long you need until you start to feel better again!
    I Love You So Much Quotes

  7. Wishing you a quick recovery so I can stop missing you already!
    I Miss You Quotes

  8. I hate to see you not at your best these days and wish you all the best in finding your way back.
  9. You have always been my best man, whether it be at my wedding or as my best friend. I hate to see you not at your best these days and wish you all the best in finding your way back.
    Best Man Responsibilities

  10. Love is being there for a person no matter the circumstances. For as long as they need you, in the happy moments and the sad moments. Sending you my love and wishes for a speedy recovery. I love you more than you can imagine.
    Love Sayings

  11. We take the time to give our thanks during holidays such as Thanksgiving for the many things we are thankful for. Let us be reminded to give thanks for the many things we take for granted as well, like our health. Not all of us are so lucky. I also give thanks for the healing God is doing in your life. May you be up on your feet again real soon.
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  12. My cheerful friend, I say good morning and wish you many more healthy good mornings to come. Feel well, my friend.
    Good Morning Wishes

  13. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all hoping you will be feeling better very soon.
    Christian Poems

  14. I love to say thank you to the people who go out of their way, with busy schedules, health issues and many other difficult circumstances, to make you feel good despite everything they are dealing with.
    Thank You Quotes

  15. May the good Lord bless you with a healthy body that will take you to where he needs you to be.
    Irish Blessing Quotes

  16. Thank you for always putting others first and for making them a priority. Now it's your turn, you are our priority and so is this time of healing for you.
    What To Write In A Thank You Card

  17. I hate knowing that you are not feeling 100%. Sending healing vibes to get you back on your feet quickly.

  18. Wishing you a recovery that is quick and full of joy.

  19. Get well soon and get back to us!
  20. We are all hoping to see you soon. Get well soon and get back to us!

  21. Put your heels up and relax, because once you have recovered, no more rest for you :)

  22. Your absence is missed and we are all looking forward to your return. Get well soon!

  23. Sending you good health vibes for a quick recovery.

  24. Very soon, back on your feet, you will be :)

  25. Take one day at a time and you will see you will be feeling better in no time!

  26. Just what the doctor ordered, rest, relaxation and fast healing!

  27. You may not be feeling your best, but know we are sending healthy wishes your way every day until you return.

  28. I blew you a kiss of quick recovery, catch it!

  29. Sending lots of love your way
  30. Sending lots of love your way, in hopes, it will help speed your recovery.

  31. We know this is not what you meant by needing a vacation but hope this time of need is restful and relaxing.

  32. Positive thoughts will speed your healing.

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