Wish You Were Here

When extending wishes to a new married couple you may find the need to extend those wishes from someone in heaven.  This could be someone special to either the bride or the groom.  This could be a deceased mother or father, a brother or sister grandmother or grandfather or maybe even a close aunt or uncle.


Whomever it is, you may find when you are writing in card to letter that telling the newlyweds how much this person would have been so happy for them.  Below we have provided you some examples to help you express these condolences in a tasteful way.  But there are some do notís as well.  We will provide you some tips to help you write the perfect congratulation.

First and foremost, donít say anything that will upset the couple.
ie. mentioning that her deceased father was not around to walk her down the isle.
Be specific of who you are talking about.  
Mention how happy they would be to be there and watch this wonderful moment.
Never say that a deceased person would not be happy with their choices.
Make it a brief comment.
Try and avoid making the couple too emotional.  This is suppose to be a joyful day and you donít want grieving to set in and over power the joy of the day.

Examples of wedding wishes from someone in heaven:
Your Grandfather would be so happy of the two of you.
Wow, you look as beautiful as your mother did when I married her.
Your father has always been so proud of you, but today he would be overjoyed!
Of course we wish our whole family could be present at this wonderful event, but know your brother is watching over you and is just so happy for you both.

Feel free to use our examples and changing the information needed in order to properly personalize the wish.  You may also create your own by using our helpful tips to make sure you write the right thing in your message.

If you feel something a little more generic may do, wedding phrases may be of some help.

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