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When someone we know is getting married or if we ourselves are getting married we may be looking for words of advice.¬† Iím sure you or the newlyweds are probably going to receive tons of congratulations and marital advice from now on, but why not include that in your wedding card.¬†


Why not have your guest provide you with some marriage advice by offering them paper and a pen at the reception that they can then drop off in a box for you and your husband to read alone sometime after the wedding?¬† If you are setting up a website, you may also find it nice to have your family and friends be able to post messages of advice there.¬† Either way Itís a great way to get your family and friends involved.¬†


If you are a family member or friend who is looking for sayings of advice to send to a newly married couple or to post on their wedding website, we have complied some here for you:



These are just a few of the thousands of marriage advice that is out there!¬† Take from these, learn from these and share these with others.¬† The most important thing in a marriage is the remember that marriage isnít all lollipops and gumdrops, there are issues and hard times. But what matters in a marriage is how you deal with those issues.¬† How you work together and comprise.¬† Donít be afraid to ask for help from each other or even outside help.¬† If you hang in there, you will see, it is worth every ounce of hard work!


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