55 Wedding Pictures

If you are looking to have portraits taken at your wedding like most newly married couples, you may be looking for ideas for some poses for the bride alone, groom alone, bridal party, cake cutting, and pictures of the decor.  Below you will find some suggestions to making great portraits.  These will for sure help to create your wishes where photography is concerned.  We hope you find these very helpful.


Bride alone

  1. Bride standing looking out window (over expose picture)

  2. Bride sitting on couch, arms leaning on arm chair and looking in opposite direction as her body

  3. Standing in front of open door, back to camera (full length pose)

  4. Bride smelling her flowers (with veil over face and without)

  5. Bride in mirror fixing makeup, checking hair (if place for bride to sit while looking in mirror have her sitting and bridesmaid fixing hair, both in mirror)

  6. Bride lying on stomach on bed, looking at camera, face in hands

  7. Bride lying on stomach on bed, fingers intertwined and chin resting on them, feet in background crossed with knees bent

  8. Bride sitting on ground with dress skirt or train pulled out

  9. Bride lying against pillow resting head on hands in pray pose

Groom alone

  1. Casually leaning against tree with one foot against tree (looking at camera and looking into far)

  2. Groom standing casually hands in pocket looking at camera or someone near camera

  3. Groom looking at watch

  4. If there is a corner, have grooms body half covered by corner, with hidden side arm leaning against walk above head so we can just wee the hand, other hand on hip or in pocket.  Head slightly leaning on corner of wall

  5. Groom putting jacket on, fixing cuff, tie, putting boutonnires, etc

Groom wedding party

  1. Groom sitting in chair, groomsmen around groom, smiling at camera, looking at groom, one hand on groom and other hand on face as if (I cant believe your going through with it!)

  2. Bridesmaids kissing Groom

  3. If nice vehicle, have groom standing in front of car, leaning back, groomsmen with car doors open in or car or standing in opening of doors

  4. Groom and groomsmen walking away from camera with jackets over shoulder

  5. Groom and groomsmen walking towards camera, groom in middle groomsmen lined up like a V behind groom

  6. All the guys checking them selves out in mirror

Bride and wedding party

  1. Bride and bridesmaids showing leg

  2. Bride and bridesmaids faces as close as can be for close up picture

  3. Groomsmen kissing bride

  4. Groomsmen pick up bride holding her horizontally

  5. Bride standing in front (sideways to camera) if veil have it flying behind her, groomsmen in back ground watching her

Cutting cake

  1. Picture of cake alone

  2. Bride and Groom cutting cake, looking at camera, feeding each other cake

  3. Picture is of cake in focus, bride and groom in background kissing, if champagne glass put them a little in front of the cake over to the side of where the couple is

Pictures with no people in them

  1. Bride sitting with flowers in hand resting to the side of her leg (just flowers and some of her dress)

  2. Picture of any jewelry, tiara, hair, anything special about her dress

  3. Picture of brides back with grooms hands holding her waist

  4. Invitation, shoes, rings, flowers, etc.

  5. Bride and groom hand in hand (showing rings)

I hope these pose options help you when you are sitting down choosing the photos you would like to have.  Feel free to use your creativity to make them into what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for more pose ideas for the bride and groom together or for your engagement pictures check out 34-55 Wedding Photos page.


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