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When you are planning out your photos and the different poses you would like, it is sometimes hard to be creative on your special day.  Be prepared and jot down the family photos you would like and the different poses you like of the bride and groom together.  There are many different options. 

Below you will find examples of all the different kind of poses you may want to mention to your photographer.  And be creative.  Youre photographer will have their own ideas but if there is a pose you really want, make sure you tell them.  They will be your pictures in the end and you should get everything you want.  If you receive anything from all your wishes, it would be to receive the most beautiful photos you will treasure forever.


List of pictures for Bride & Groom (could work for engagement pictures too)

  1. Bride looking over grooms shoulders

  2. Bride and groom holding each others waist looking into each others eyes

  3. Groom dipping bride

  4. Bride in front of groom, both looking at camera and into far

  5. If veil both bride and groom under veil, kissing

  6. If veil both bride and groom under veil, brides back to groom, groom kisses her shoulder and bride watching him kiss her shoulder

  7. Bride and groom looking off into the distance

  8. Close up of bride and groom backs towards camera, turning to look at camera from middle of them

  9. Groom pick up Bride (over shoulder and threshold pose)

  10. If stairway, Bride and groom walking up stairway (them on stairway, you below photographing them walking up together (get as much of stairway in as possible)

  11.  Bride arms around grooms neck with flowers in her hand on his back, grooms arms around her waist, both looking at camera (faces touching)

  12. Both walking together, away from camera, and towards camera casually talking and looking at things

  13. Sitting on grass, bride in front of groom, sitting in between grooms legs with bride sitting on her side with her knees bent.  Groom is leaning back and bride is leaning against his chest

  14.  In car have bride get in first holding her dress and groom standing outside in open doorway looking at each other

  15. Bride and groom sitting at table next to each other, camera will have to be high to take above pictures

  16. Bride and groom holding each other close looking at camera, brides hand on grooms chest and her head leaning against him

  17. Groom kissing her neck (tickling her)

  18. Groom kissing her forehead

  19. Bride in front of groom, her back to him, his hands around her waist.  Bride looking back at groom and groom looking at her

  20. Bride and groom sitting on bench, pretty close, bride leaning one way relaxed, groom stretched out relaxed.

  21. Bride and groom sitting or standing on bridge, bride sitting on railing with back to camera, groom standing on other side of bride facing camera.  One picture of groom with bride not in focus looking at groom, one picture of bride turning to look at camera, groom looking at bride, groom not in focus

  22. Groom sitting on chair turned slightly sideways, bride leaning over groom (chest against his other shoulder) towards camera leaning her chin on his head

If you are looking for poses for the bride alone, groom alone, bridal party, cake cutting or just pictures of the decorations go to my portraits page.  There will be a list of photos in each category just like we have given you above.


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