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When you are deciding on photography for your wedding there are a few things you should consider and know before choosing your photographer.  The most important thing your photographer should be aware of is your wishes, for example, what you expect of them while they are photographing your wedding.  Being able to communicate your what you want with your photographer is going to be the most essential thing.  So, make sure you are comfortable with your photographer and that they will not only hear your ideas but they will follow through. 

So, #1 Find a photographer who you have a good comfort level with and can relate to you and your fiance.  When you are interviewing potential photographers it is good to see as much work as you can, whether it be their website, a portfolio or an album they have put together with their own images.  Don't be shy to ask for more examples of their work.  Another great idea to to ask to see a wedding or two they did from start to finish.  You don't just want to see the best images, you want to see the whole day.  That is the best way you can differentiate between photographers.  Some may have excellent photos of the bride and groom outdoors on a nice day, but their indoor pictures from the ceremony or reception may have bad lighting or blurry images.  Taking pictures during a ceremony and reception where lighting and movement becomes an issue are the most difficult part for a photographer.  So you want to see that they can handle the pressure!

With that said, #2 Research your photographer well and don't just be happy with a few examples of their best work.  Check it all out!  Alright, you've found a photographer who you not only feel comfortable with but you also love all their work and trust that they can handle the pressures of the fast paced wedding and all that goes with it.  Now comes packaging and pricing.  I will be completely honest with you, you get what you pay for.  If you are on a strict budget, it may be hard to accommodate a great photographer.  And this is not to say that paying less for a photographer means you are going to get horrible pictures.  But you have to understand, photographers that charge a little more will go out of their way to make you happy.  Or at least they should.  They usually have better quality prints and albums which is usually why their prices are higher.  Another reason their pricing is higher is because they spend more time on your images to make them the best they can after the fact.  A lot of people don't realize how much work goes in to your photos.  To give you just a little insight so you can understand what you are paying for, let me explain.  The wedding day, that's only the start.  When the photographer gets back to their studio, they have to go through and choose the images they wish to give you.  These images are the best of the best.  Once they have narrowed the images down to a decent number to give to their client they then go to work.  Each image is altered ,if needed, for lighting, touchups and colour boosts.  Depending on your photographer and your agreement, this can be anywhere from 300-600 images.  This takes a lot of time and patience.  But to the photographer, it is worth every moment to make their client happy.  After all the essentials are done, some photographers will go back and choose their favorites and do some special effects.  It is a lot of work to do to every photo, but if you had a photo that you liked after the fact, most photographers would be happy to add to it for you to have enlarged. 

#3 Remember you get what you pay for, so if you are someone who wants amazing photos to treasure for a life time, expect to pay a little bit more.  It will be worth every penny.

#4 The contract!  Make sure you understand it before signing, especially the part about cost, how much you have to pay upon signing the contract and what the balance will be.  And when that balance will need to be paid.  Make sure your photographer is informed of all the events of your wedding day.  Wedding photography needs to be planned out somewhat in advanced to make sure nothing is missed.  So do what you can to help your photographer get all the shots you are wanting.  Making a list of all the photos you are going to want is a great idea.  Writing out a timeline for your photographer is very helpful as well.

#5 Keep your photographer up to date and fully informed!

#6 Find out when your pictures will be ready.  To avoid any disappointment, make sure this question's answer is something you are comfortable and happy with.  And I know you are anxious to get your images, but try and remember the amount of work that goes into every image and not to keep asking your photographer when they will be ready, unless of course it is after the time frame you both agreed on.

I hope these 6 tips will help you get the photography you are looking for and find the perfect photographer to carry out your needs.  You will have these photos to look back on for the rest of your life.  Its is important you choose a photographer who you trust will delivery those beautiful images of your special day.  Here are some other helpful photography related resources to help you choose the poses you'd like with photos and portraits and choosing your photo albums.


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