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Its hard to believe, I know, but you only have a week before your big day.  Its time to tie up any loose ends and make sure everyone knows what their assignments are.


The week before.

It is important that you take all the help you can get.  Don't try and do everything yourself.  You want to be as stress free the week before your wedding as possible.  And even more so on your day.  So delegate everything so all you have to do is enjoy your special day!!!

One very important thing to remember on your wedding day is, what doesn't get done or what gets missed is no big deal really!  Your guests were not involved in the planning so they won't notice is something isn't there.  And as for you, this day is about the two of you, nothing materialistic is going to change that!  So don't stress out if something was forgotten.  All you really need in the end, is an officiate, the marriage licence, the rings and the bride and groom!  Everything else is just stuff!  Remember that, because I'm telling you, there is not one wedding that ever goes exactly as planned.  And who wants to ruin their wedding because the centerpieces were different than initially ordered?

I hope this checklist will be of great use to you while you plan your wedding.  Planning is a lot of work, but try and have fun with it and make it all that it can be.  Make those wishes, come true!


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