Wedding Planning Checklist


A checklist is essential when you are planning your wedding. There are just so many different things that need to be done and there is a certain order that should be followed to make sure everything gets done at the right time.  If you are planning your wedding with a wedding planner they will be able to help you stay organized and make sure everything gets done at the appropriate time.  But not everyone will be able to hire a planner, therefore we have created a checklist to help you make sure all your wishes come true!  Before you will know it you will be checking off things on your list a week before the wedding!


You have nine months to a year until your wedding, what should you do first?  Below you will find the things that should be done and booked as soon as possible.

  • Announce your engagement - you can put an announcement in the local newspaper.

  • Select your wedding date

  • Hire a wedding planner (if you decide to have them help you plan)

  • Determine your budget

  • Figure out how many guest will be coming - create a guest list with 3 parts, those that have to be invited, those who should be invited and those who you would like to invite.  That way when it comes to choosing your venue, if you need to cut the guest list down, you will start with those you would like to invite and go from there.

  • Select and book your ceremony venue

  • Select and book your reception venue

  • Select and book your officiate

  • Select and book your photographer

  • Choose your bridal party

  • Decide where you will be going for your honeymoon and make sure all documentation are in order. (e.g.. passport, visa, birth certificate)

  • Choose your attire - wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses can take time to be ordered and altered, make sure you leave yourself enough time so you won't be rushing the week before the wedding.

Continue on to checklist 6 to 9 months away

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