Wedding Cake Toppers


When planning a wedding the cake is one of the most important things, but so is the cake toppers. Choosing the cake topper that best relates to you and your fiancée is essential. This doesn’t necessarily mean relating to what you do or what your hobbies are, but maybe your style. Simple and elegant, or maybe extravagant and flashy? Whatever your reason is for choosing a specific cake topper is, you’ll be sure to find something especially for the both of you.

Some thoughts and ideas you may want to think about when choosing your topper are:
What your cake is going to look like. If you are choosing a very busy cake, there may not be room for a cake topper, or little room. This is something you will want to check with your cake maker before running out and getting the biggest cake topper you can find!!

Would you and your fiancée prefer to have something fancy or something much more simple? Depending on what you like there are many ideas out there. Some people are finding cake toppers that resemble their time together - for instance having two little tree’s made to resemble their time camping together, or if they have a love for skiing the having two little skiers for the top of their cake. Others that are looking for something more simple are finding letters to symbolize their initials. So for John and Jane they find a J & J or J (heart) J, to put on their cake.

Are you hoping to keep your cake topper as a keepsake or just plan on throwing it out afterwards? It you want something that can be used to remember you day, make sure you find something that is study and stable. Some ideas would be a figurine of two people dancing or kissing. Or having someone take your fiancée and your picture and etch it in glass along with the date of your wedding. I’ve seen this done and although it is not cheap, it is beautiful.


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