Wedding Cake Ideas


Awww, who doesnít love cakes?? I love to go to a wedding and see how nice the wedding cake is decorated. They are always done so beautifully and so unique. And picking out your wedding cake is even better. Taste testing, choosing the decorations, finding out the cost...oh, maybe not finding out the cost!


Cakes have become so expensive lately, like everything else in the wedding industry. Inflation, nothing really can be done there. I guess you have to look at it this way. Cakes are a lot of work, they probably can be characterized as a piece of art. A yummy piece of art that is usually completely devoured by the end of the night.

However you look at it, if you want something spectacular, like everything else in life, you will have to paid for it. And you get what you pay for. So, if you want something extraordinary you will have to shell out the dough to get extraordinary. But with that said, there is other ways to cut the cost for your wedding budget.

The biggest issue with party planning, in this case planning is wasted food. Cakes are no exception. If you are having your guests RSVP, have them do so a little earlier than usual so that you can have a better number for your cake maker. But when it comes to any reception or party, you will never want to run out of cake. Especially when its your only desert or food being served. Although not everyone will want a piece, you will have more people wanting one than not wanting one, so youíre better to be safe than sorry.

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