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You could however cut costs by having a smaller decorative cake that you and your significant other can do your cake cutting with but to have slabís of cake out back which will be served to your guests. This cake is not decorated, so you are saving money on the time it takes to be decorated (which is usually a substantial cost cut), and it can save you time too as it can be pre-cut and ready to serve.

Another way you can cut costs would be to have cupcakes as your cake. This is a new up incoming thing. It not only cuts costs of purchasing a big and expensive cake but it also cuts costs substantially! You donít even need to go to a cake maker to have them make, although they do provide this service. They are easier to decorate so just about anyone can do them. You may feel someone in you family could do it or a trusted friend. Supermarkets or bakeries would also offer this service and probably at a cheaper rate. Your best bet would be to shop around. Taste test, make sure you like both the cupcakes and the icing before placing your order. You will probably want to wait until you have a total number of guests before placing the order, otherwise you may end up with some extras, or not enough.


And of course, don't forget about your cake toppers.  This will be your final addition to your cake.  And it will give your cake a little something extra!

We hope you have found ways of cutting costs with your cake. Of course, having a big designer cake is everyone's dream, affordably, this is not always possible. But there are ways around it and still getting something you can be happy with. An offering of cake has always been such a nice way to thank guest for coming and giving their wishes in person.


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