Let Them Eat Cake

When we are at the time of the wedding day where we can finally just eat cake, now that is a momentous time! The stress is over and the fun has begun. Guests and guests of honour alike can agree on that! This poem recognizes this as well as the amount of work and love it takes to plan a wonderful wedding and it also sends out congratulations to the newlyweds all the while using some well-known wedding phrases which we bolded for your convenience.

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Later we will have a slice of cake,
To celebrate a wonderful day.
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?
You sure keep things going that way.

When you weren't together you had good lives,
But together, good doesn't even start to describe it.
A life made of wondrous, adventurous things,
And a relationship with a fighting spirit.

No, this marriage isn't any shotgun wedding,
Many months and years in the making.
A beautiful wedding to keep them talking for years,
Is definitely no easy undertaking.

But here it is now and in sickness and health,
You both will be tied in marital bliss.
You won't just be there but live every moment,
And seal each night with a kiss.

Congrats to you both on such an phenomenal day,
May your love always be your keepsake.
Your friendship is strong which will keep your marriage where it belongs,
The only thing left to say is, let them eat cake!
Julie Hebert

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding poem that has wedding phrases, acknowledges wedding planning, an amazing wedding and a love and friendship that will keep a marrige strong, then this is the poem you have been looking for. Please use it to send your congratulations to the happy couple and wish them a wonderful marriage for their future.

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