A Valentine

This Valentines day poem was written a long time ago. You can see this in its writing and meaning. It talks about not knowing what to give your valentine, in this case not being able to find any flowers because of it being wintertime. Nowadays we do not have that problem as we are able to buy flowers from many different venues. Although, not knowing what to get your valentine is a relatable issue for sure. In the end, love is the answer as giving your heart is a way better gift than anything you could purchase at a store.

O Little loveliest lady mind,
What shall I send for your valentine?
Summer and flowers are far away;
Gloomy old Winter is king to-day;
Buds will not blow, and sun will not shine:
What shall I do for a valentine?

I've searched the gardens all through and through
For a bud to tell of my love so true;
But buds are alseep and blossoms are dead,
And the snow beats down on my poor little head:
So, little loveliest lady mind,
Here is my heart for your valentine!
Laura E. Richards

Let this poem encourage you to share your heart with your valentine instead of your money. In this day and age, we tend to take the easy way out and buy things. These things are just things and but allowing your heart to be shared with others could, if you let it, be shared forever.

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