22 Sympathy Gifts

What a nice gesture sympathy gifts can be. Finding or making something symbolic of the deceased or something comforting for those left behind are a very nice touch to any sympathy card. Sending your condolence phrases and messages can be enough, but adding that extra special gift can mean so much! Allow us to help you know what to send and the proper etiquette for sending these gifts.

It is sometimes difficult to know what type of bereavement gift to get someone who has just lost someone close to them.  You wonder if you should even purchase them anything.  Well you arent alone.  This is a very sensitive time and no one wants to do or say the wrong thing.  A lot of people feel awkward around this subject.  But thats okay.  We are here to help you decide what if anything you should do or get for the person or family grieving.

It is defiantly a nice gesture to give a sympathy gift but is not necessary.  There is as much appreciation from a thoughtful card with a message of hope and love.  If the deceased and the family were close to you then you may want to send you card with a condolence gift.  Although if you didnt have a close relationship with them, a card will be just fine.  Below are some examples of suitable bereavement gifts:

  1. Symbolic piece of jewelry, an example would be a guardian angel

  2. Book on mourning and grieving or about faith and hope

  3. Journal for writing their thoughts and feelings

  4. A stepping stone tribute to those that passed

  5. Gift basket or Fruit Basket (see below for more ideas)

  6. A figurine in memory of the departed

  7. A set of remembrance candles

  8. A framed prayer

  9. If the departed had something they collected, say teddy bears, you could always give a teddy bear

  10. If a child lost her parents, a book about losing their parents.

  11. A remembrance cross

  12. A framed poem about loss, or  or heaven

  13. A CD of encouragement or soft relaxing music

  14. A calendar about one day at a time.  Each day has a encouraging quote.

  15. A potted plant that they can later plant in their garden.

  16. Framed collage of photos of the deceased

  17. Digital photo album with images of the departed with family and friends

  18. A video montage of the life that was lost

  19. A quilt made out of clothes that the family were going to get ride of.  This is particularily a nice gesture if the family really didn't want to get rid of the clothes but had no room to keep them. *it is important to make sure the family is okay with the clothes being cut up.

  20. A donation in the deceases name to a cherity they were very fond of.

  21. A framed pictures with a saying about loss or celebration of life on it.

  22. Comfort food - something that the family loves but just may not have the time or energy to make.

Of course any of the above gifts are a wonderful idea, but there are many others.  If you are creative or have a talent, put it to use.  Create a one of a kind gift honoring the life of the departed.  Depending on what it is, you may choose to wait a few weeks when the shock of it all has lessened.  You will have to judge that for yourself.

Gift Basket Sympathy 

When looking for a gift for someone who has just lost a loved one, a gift basket sympathy style can be a nice way to say you care.  There are many places in which you can have someone else make it and you just purchase it.  It can be delivered or you can deliver it personally with a nice bereavement card that you have prepared with condolence phrases of compassion.   Or you can make a sympathy basket yourself.

If you have never made a gift basket before you may have no idea of where to start.  We will offer some ideas of how to create your own basket to make it a sign of comfort and love.

Knowing what the recipient likes is a good start.  Baskets are usually made with a theme in mind.  Some examples would be fruit, coffee, tea, cheese, snacks, relaxation or gourmet foods.  They can be specialized for a man or woman.  They can contain baked goods or ones favourite food.

You can add some extras in the basket in the way of sympathy gifts.  Memory candles, grieving books, garden stone with a memory or sympathy quote engraved on it.  A in loving memory frame or album.  Flowers are also a nice addition to any gift basket.  A wall plaque may also be a nice addition.

5 Tips on creating the perfect bereavement gift basket:

  1. The use of colour:  Black doesnt always have to be the choice.  Usually bright colours are stayed away from with these types of baskets but deeper colours such as browns, blues, burgundy and greens are very acceptable and most of all respectful of this difficult time.

  2. Consider where you will be taking this basket before filling it.  If you plan on taking it to the funeral parlor you may want to do something more traditional, vs something to do with relaxation.  What message you put on the card should also be considered.  It would make more sense to send a basket with a message of In Loving Memory to the funeral parlor vs a message that is more personal would be more fitted for the home.

  3. When filling a basket keep in mind that sending something that may be helpful to the recipient, such as snacks like nuts and dried fruits or crackers and cheese may be more meaningful to them now as they will be having many people come in and out of their home and will feel pressured to offer them something.  This way they can have easy accessible items to offer instead of having to actually prepare something.

  4. Add something meaningful to the basket.  This could be a personalized message, a heartfelt book or encouraging poem to help them get through.  This could also be something you have made.  Maybe a scrapbook or a picture you had framed.  Something personalized to the recipient would be a very nice addition to any basket.

  5. Dont forget the Sympathy card.  Whether you purchase a card to send your sympathies or make your own in the way of a letter.  Letting them know you are there for them and that they arent alone is something we all need to hear when we have lost someone so special to us.

Hopefully this information we have provided you with has been helpful to you.  We hope now you will feel confident in creating your own sympathy gift baskets.  Or has helped you have a better understanding of what a gift basket for sympathy should entail when deciding that you want in the basket you plan to send to a loved one.

Of course any of the above gifts are a wonderful idea, but there are many others.  If you are creative or have a talent, put it to use.  Create a one of a kind gift honoring the life of the departed.  Depending on what it is, you may choose to wait a few weeks when the shock of it all has lessened.  You will have to judge that for yourself.

Sympathy Gift Etiquette

When purchasing a gift for someone who is grieving, knowing some sympathy gift etiquette can be helpful. No one ever wants to do the wrong thing in these situations, especially if it is something that will upset the griever. We hope that you will find this information on bereavement etiquette helpful and that it will be of great use to you in this situation and in situations that you will face years to follow.

For most situations, knowing if you should send a gift is probably the most asked question. There are so many different instances its hard to know when it is appropriate to send a gift and when it is not.

Most people wonder if it is okay to send a gift instead of flowers. And the answer is of course. Flowers are the traditional choice but not the only one. There are many other ways to honor the deceased or bring comfort to the grieving family than to send flowers. In many cases funeral homes and homes of the grieving are engulfed with so many flowers it can be overwhelming. A little change in pace may be the perfect way for you to show that you care.

If you are not able to attend a funeral service or maybe there wont be a service at all, do you still send a condolence gift? There is not harm in sending something of comfort to the grieving family. If you were unable to attend, it may be a nice way to remind them that you are thinking of them even though you were not able to be with them. And if there was no service, that does not mean the deceased wont be honored in some way. Your gift could be something of remembrance to share your honoring of the deceased.

If you are thinking of sending a gift after a funeral has already taken place, that is fine. Most people are still going through the grieving process and your gift may be just that little bit of comfort that will help them through. Dont be afraid to send something late, late is always better than nothing and your thought will be appreciated.

If a family has decided to ask family and friends to make a charitable donation instead of sending flowers, they are not saying that they would not be happy with gifts of comfort and reassurance. They are saying that they would prefer people to spend their money by giving a donation that could help other people instead of on flowers. Sending a gift would be a very nice thought and if you are able, even if it is small, sending a card and making a donation in their name would also be a very nice gesture.

Now sometimes the tricky part will be who do you send the gift too if you didnt know the family, only the deceased or if you didnt know the deceased, but the family, should you send a gift? Whichever if is, a gift is definitely something that will be appreciated. Sending the gift to the closest family member to the deceased would be best etiquette.

Well, these were just some commonly asked questions when it comes to condolence etiquette. We hope they were helpful to you. Dont forget when sending a gift to send a sympathy card with nice phrases of condolence. Cards are a way to independently express your apologies for their loss.

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