21 Maid Of Honor Duties

You are thrilled and honored to have been asked to be the Maid of Honor. We all know the Maid of Honor helps the bride, but what are the Maid of Honor duties?

Well, by no means is this list carved in stone, but it will give you an idea of traditional things a Maid of Honor performs. You can discuss the list with your bride to see if she wants you to do more or less then the responsibilities we have shown.

  1. Be excited and honored when the bride asks you to be the Maid of Honor
    Being the Maid of Honor isn't going to be all sunflowers and lollipops, so saying yes may not be your first thought. Keep in mind that saying yes means so much to the bride-to-be and you would be doing her a huge favour. If she's a close friend, it would be hard not to want to be part of her wedding!

  2. Organize the bridal shower (don't forget to ask the brides mother for help here)
    The bridal shower is the start of the Maid of Honors responsibilities. There are many things you will have to do including choosing a date.. You will need to get a guest list from the bride, then send out the invites or make some calls. You will need to decide on wedding shower games and other wedding shower ideas. You'll have to decide on what food and drinks you will be serving.  It would be nice if you could find some family and friends willing to chip in and make food. If you will be having games, don't forget the prizes! And the last thing you'll have to decide on is during present opening, you'll need someone to keep a list of who gave the bride-to-be what. Best to write in the card of each gift what the gift was so you will have the cards as back up when the bride-to-be is writing her thank you cards.

  3. Be with the Bride-to-be wedding dress shopping
    The Bride along with her mother and maybe other family members will be accompanying her while she searches for her dream wedding dress. Be with her for moral support and to give her your opinion. Help her to find the dress that flatters her and is her decision overall.

  4. Help the Bride-to-be along with her Bridesmaids to find and choose the perfect bridal party dresses
    The Bride will probably have an idea of what she wants her bridesmaids to wear but she may need help finding what she wants. This might mean several day trips to different places to see what is available. Be available to join in these trips.

  5. Pay for your dress
    Typically the Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids paid for their own dresses. Unless otherwise stated from the Bride, expect to pay for your own dress.

  6. Buy a wedding gift
    You might think that being her Maid of Honor is enough, but it is customary for the Maid of Honor to purchase a gift just like everyone else. Try to choose wedding gift ideas that both the Bride and Groom could enjoy. If you can't decide on something it may be best to choose something they need from their registry. Don't forget to include a wedding card message to share your enjoyment for them on this special day.

  7. Attend all pre-wedding events
    There are going to be dinners and rehearsals and maybe some get together's prior to the wedding that you are obligated to be at. Don't try and get out of any of them unless it is a very, very good reason.

  8. Helps the Bride get dressed and ready on the wedding day
    On the day of the wedding, you will have to get yourself ready and be there to help the Bride get ready.  You will also have to be available to have your hair and makeup done, which is usually done together with the Bride and the Bridesmaids.

  9. Poses for pictures before and after the wedding
    There will be many pictures you will need to pose for. There will not be any time for you to be camera shy and the photographer will be taking wedding pictures during the entire day. Some will be natural shots and others will be posed. Your job will to try and make them all look natural by doing your part to look as natural as possible.

  10. Helps the Bride when posing for pictures
    During pictures, there is going to be a lot of back and forth for the Bride and repositioning of her wedding dress. Help her to get her dress looking its best and to keep others from stepping on it during the pictures.

  11. Make sure the brides' wedding dress and veil are flowing properly during the ceremony
    During the ceremony, we want the Bride to look her best. So making sure her dress is flowing properly and is looking nice during pictures will be something you will need to look out for.

  12. Stand next to the Bride during the ceremony
    Hopefully it won't be a very long ceremony as standing next to the bride in high heels doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but yes, you will be expected to stand up with the bride during the ceremony.

  13. Bring the Grooms wedding band to the ceremony
    You'll have to take care of the Grooms wedding band and make sure it not only gets to the ceremony but when the officiant asks for it, you will hand it to him or place it on the bible.

  14. Holds the Brides' bouquet when she exchanges rings with the groom
    Once you hand over the Groom's wedding band to the officiant, it will be time for the Bride and Groom to take hands and exchange rings. In order for this to happen, the Bride needs to have nothing in her hands.  She will turn to you  and offer you her bouquet. She will likely take it back after they have been pronounced Husband and Wife.

  15. Signs the wedding certificate as a witness
    Along with the Best Man you will be signing the wedding certificate. The photographer will also be taking your picture as you do. While the Best Man is signing, stand behind him slightly to one side. The Best Man will do the same.

  16. Be escorted by the Best Man at the end of the ceremony and into the reception.
    Get to know the Best Man because you are going to be doing a lot of things with him like walking out of the ceremony and into the reception.

  17. Dance with the Best Man during the wedding party song.
    Yes you will likely have to dance with the Best Man as well if the Bride and Groom decide to have a bridal party dance. Check with them prior to the wedding so you can prepare or just get to know the Best Man a bit better so their is no uncomfortable feelings.

  18. Gives a toast/speech to the bride at the reception
    After the Best Man gives the first wedding speech, it will be your turn to give your congratulations to the Bride and Groom. This is also a chance to tell the Bride how honored it was to be part of her wedding and how thankful you are to be apart of her life in your wedding toast.

  19.  If needed, looks after the wedding gown when the bride changes into her going away clothes
    At the end of the night, if the Bride and Groom are leaving to head on their honeymoon, the Bride may ask you to take care of her dress for her. You can do this by finding a safe place for it or taking it home with you until her return.

  20. Offer assistance and support in doing what needs to be done to ensure that special day is special.
    A Brides wedding day can easily be one of the most stressful days of her life. Help her by being whatever she needs at any given time . It may be moral support, or laughter needed for those wedding jitters.

  21. Be a friend, someone to talk to, to laugh with, to help out.
    You'll will likely be stressed a bit too, but try to keep that from the Bride. Take care of keeping thing running smoothly and team up with the Best Man to make sure everything stressful stays out of the Bride and Groom's way.

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