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The most romantic marriage vows anyone will ever come across will be those that come from the heart. So with that said, the most romantic vow you will say to your bride or groom will be one that you write yourself. This promise can also be written using one of the most romantic love poem written by a great author. Here we will share with you some examples of beautifully written love poems that you may want to consider using as part of your vow.

  1. My Life is a bowl
    My life is a bowl which is mine to brim
    With loveliness old and new.
    So I fill its clay from stem to rim
    With you, dear heart,
    With you.

    My life is a pool which can only hold
    One start and a glimpse of blue.
    But the blue and the little lamp of gold
    Are you, dear heart,
    Are you.

    My life is a homing bird that flies
    Through the starry dusk and dew
    Home to the heaven of your true eyes,
    Home, dear heart,
    To you.
    May Riley Smith

  2. Love (took sections of poem)
    I love you,
    Not only for what you are,
    But for what I am when I am with you.

    I love you,
    Not only for what you have made of yourself,
    But for what you are making of me...

    ...I love you
    Because you have done more than any creed
    Could have done to make me good,
    And more than any fate could have done
    To make me happy.

    You have done it without a touch,
    Without a word,
    Without a sign.
    You have done it by being yourself.
    Perhaps that is what being a friend means,
    After all.
    Roy Croft

  3. Creed (took a section of poem)
    I believe love, pure and true,
    Is to the soul a sweet, immortal dew
    That gems life's petals in its hours of dusk.
    The waiting angels see and recognize
    The rich crown jewels, Love, of Paradise,
    When life falls from us like a withered husk
    Mary Ashley Townsend

  4. My Rock
    You are my rock who keeps me grounded
    The one who makes sure I'm safe.
    You love me no matter what happens,
    And always makes sure I'm with faith.

    My heart thumps when I see you
    When you walk into the room where I am.
    I want to run over and jump you,
    With a hug and a kiss, cause I can.

    Together we are a great love
    One where others wish they had.
    I am so lucky to have found you,
    I know now I will never be sad.
    Julie Hebert

  5. Growing old with you
    To grow old with someone so dear
    Would make my life so great.
    I can only imagine what life will be like
    To be hand in hand with my mate.

    Life will become very simple
    No worries about vanity to unfold.
    All that will matter is you and I
    And our love that will never get old.

    You have made me so happy
    And all I can hope is you too.
    For all I want from now until I die
    Is to sit and grow old with you.
    Julie Hebert

  6. Thank You For Loving Me
    I love you for being you,
    I love you for loving me,
    I love you for always wanting to do,
    Everything that will set me free.

    You have taken all that you have,
    And everything that you can find,
    To give me the life of happiness,
    That you want to always be mine.

    So, thank you for being you,
    Thank you for loving me,
    Thank you for giving me everything,
    I hope we together will always be.
    Julie Hebert


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We hope you have found these poems to be beautiful love stories to true love. And we hope you will be able to use one of these in your promise to your bride or groom. Feel free to just take from the poem what you like. You never have to use a whole poem in your vow. Taking just a section or even just a line that says what you are feeling may be just perfect. These poems you may find also to be a nice addition to any wedding card when sending your wishes.

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