Retirement Can Still Be Possible

We all know that making things happen in our lives is not always easy. This poem discusses the fact that retirement isn't always an easy task to obtain for everyone but it is possible if you sacrifice and believe it can happen. Planning is the key!

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Retirement Can Still Be Possible
We make many commitments in our lives,
Marriages are a common one.
But donít forget the choice to set yourself free,
Retire and continue the fun.

Retirement can be a wonderful thing,
If you plan for it the right way.
Make sure your plans are set up right,
So you have the ability to play.

Plan as early as possible,
If you are able to.
But don't worry if this is not possible,
Retirement is still possible for you.

You'll need to make sacrifices,
But believe me, it will be worth it in the end.
Find places where you can cut costs,
And do your best not to spend.

Retirement is a glorious thing,
That we all hope to achieve.
If you decide it's something you want,
Make it happen and you will believe.
Julie Hebert

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