Times Have Changed

Times are changing and mothers are starting to realize that they don't need to be the do it all, all the time people. This poem reminds them and us that when its our time to celebrate, that is no longer a time to wait on everyone, but have everyone wait on us!

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Mother, you have always been someone I could count on,
To be there even though your day is slam packed with to do's.
I hope this big event in your life allows you,
To be able to sit back and relax and show up, just because you want to!

For once in your life, I'd like to see,
A mother who can be loved unconditionally.
I realized you aren't used to such extravagance,
And that's not the way things are done traditionally.

But today is a day worth expanding our thinking,
How we all believe one should be expected to act.
As a species, we continue to evolve every day,
And you are no longer expected to react.

No, today of all days we expect nothing.
That's right, nothing is what we all want to see.
So sit back and get comfy, eat, and let us serve you.
The only reason to get up would be if you needed to pee!

Mother, today count on me, so you can sit back and relax,
And feel the unconditional love surrounding you.
Many blessings on this special day of all days,
And may you always remember we are here for you.
Julie Hebert

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