8 I Miss You Poems

When you are missing someone you love, sometimes reading an I miss you poem is exactly what you need. You also may find these useful when saying goodbye to someone you love.

  1. Out Of Reach
    My life is filled with many blessings,
    Some surround me every day, and some do not.
    I miss my far away blessings,
    And hope one day to be reunited with the ones I sought...Read More
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  2. No one knows how much I miss her,
    No one knows the bitter pain;
    I have suffered since I lost her,
    Life has never been the same.
    Author Unknown
    I Miss You Quotes

  3. Dearest son how I miss you.
    Miss you more than tongue can tell,
    But in Heaven we hope to meet you,
    There Jesus does all things well.

    The blow was hard, the loss severe.
    To part with one we loved so dear.
    Why did he have to go when life seemed fair.
    And no dark clouds were near.
    Author Unknown
    Funeral Poems

  4. I miss you so...

  5. I miss you so, sometimes –
    When weighty problems vex and frets my mind.
    And hands grow tired of reaching for the things they never get,
    And my dry eyes are hot with unshed tears. I miss you so!
    I miss you so , sometimes – When at the ending of the day,
    As twilight falls, I seem to cathc the scent of roses from an old dead May,
    And seem to hold again your hand – I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes – When I awaken from some fitful dream,
    Wherein you come as in the long ago,
    Just mind alone, and when I seem to feel your lips again-and then-I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes - And all of life seems want and pain,
    While in the turmoil and the strife I try to pray for your dear arms again to hold me as no others can – I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes-That nothing else seems worth the while;
    I long so for your dear, dear clinging lips,
    Your gentle eyes and the bewitching smile they used to hold before I came to miss and want you so!
    Author Unknown
    Memorial Poems

  6. To Mother In Heaven
    I miss you my mother, my mother.
    Tho’ earth is so bright and so fair,
    Tho’ June has come romping in splendor,
    With sunshine and roses so rare...Read More
    Mom Poems

  7. Plaint of the Forsaken
    Oh, my absent wife, my darling,
    Do you miss me from afar?
    Dear, I miss you night and morning,
    As the empty cooky-jar...Read More
    Wish You Were Here

  8. To Miss….Of…
    I miss you now, I miss you
    At evening’s calm, thoughtful hour;
    I miss you when the morning dew
    Lies sparkling on the flower...Read More
    Love Sayings

  9. I miss you like the earth would miss the sun, the moon, the stars...

  10. Sweetheart
    I miss you like the roses miss the dew,
    Like the child misses its mother’s breast,
    its kisses and its love.
    Like the field the sunshine – its warmth, its caress...Read More


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