You'll Find Your Way

The wedding is only the beginning of things that will need to be figured out for a new marriage. This poem discusses these needs and is a great way to share with newlyweds how marriage can have its ups and downs but if you are willing, you will always find your way back to each other.

On the day of your engagement, you start to imagine,
After the wedding what will our marriage look like?
Of course, life is never easy, so working hard at it will be necessary.
But with that each day your love should spike.

You won't be able, to take it for granted,
Those who do will typically fail.
Never stop showing your love to the one you love,
Because love is very frail.

There will be times that you feel, "this is easy!"
Then something won't go your way.
You'll find yourself unsure of what to do,
Feeling this is no ordinary day.

But with compromise and a want to move on,
Life will get back on track.
You'll find marriage is a rollercoaster of love,
But with love and determination, you'll find your way back.
Julie Hebert

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