A Christmas Poem

There is definitely something special that happens during Christmas which this poem details. People change, most are happier than they were even though most don't even believe in the reasons this holiday was created. Never-the-less this holiday is one of the most popular holidays in the world. Why that is, this author doesn't seem to know why and that is okay.

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While the world is wrapt in splendor with old Santa's fine
And the tinkle and the jingle of the bells on Christmas
Makes some saddened hearts grow merry and some selfish
persons give.
There's a class of persons stating that the Savior didn't

And still the world keeps smiling in the splendor of the
That was called out into being by the ancient wily priest;
That was called into existence to perpetuate a game
To control the world's religion in a"Holy Savior's name."
Now the Day has builded merchants from the street to
And to win the people's dollars with delusions and with
It has made demand for presents with no object but the
But in spite of all, we cherish the dear old Christmas day.

Though they know the Santa falsehood and believe the
Christ a fake,
For the children there is gladness when on Christmas
they awake
And they find their stockings loaded with the gifts of
Santa Claus,
And then gather like sweet angels all around their Mas
and Pas.
Dr. T. Wilkins

So if you are looking for a poem without any specific beliefs other than the goodness of people during Christmas time, this poem would be a perfect fit. If you are looking for something a little different, take a read through our other Christmas poems by clicking the link below. Or go back to our Poems page for other poem options.

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