7 Wedding Planning Tips          

Planning a wedding takes time, energy and organization.  So when you first get engaged, you will be excited then a little overwhelmed on where to start. Allow us to help you by giving you some wedding planning tips.

  1. Choose a wedding date

Of course there are things you are going to need to do right away.  For example, picking the wedding date.  Once that is has been chosen, you will then be able to figure out what and when needs to be done next.

  1. Get a checklist to help you stay organized

Having gone through the process of planning a wedding myself and have attending many weddings in the past, some very organized and some not at all, I would strongly recommend having a wedding checklist to assist you.

You may not feel as if you need this, but there are a lot of big things that need to be book accordingly and a lot of little things that can easily be forgotten.  You will find if you have a checklist, you can stay organized and will be less stressed from now and until the days leading up to your wedding.

  1. Choose your wedding party

Once you have picked who you will have standing up with you and your groom/bride it will be time to take some of the responsibilities off of you and delegate to them.  When someone is chosen as a maid of honor or best man, they expect they will be helping out with planning and some of the organization but may not know what needs to be done.

Don't be shy, this is your day and they are there to help.  So ask them!  Give them a list of the things they need to be around for, need to do or pick up for you.  Anything you feel like you would rather have someone there to help with or do for you, they are your best man or woman afterall.

You may find it easier to just print them out an already prepared responsibilities list for them and add what you will need them to do specific to your wedding needs. 
Maid of Honor responsibilities and Best Man responsibilities sheets may help you with deciding what you will need help doing as well. 

  1. Find some help

Whatever you decide, just remember, don't try and be super woman and super man and do everything yourselves.  You have a bridal party and family, that would be more than happy to make this day and the days leading up to it as stress-free as possible.

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed, maybe hiring a wedding planner wouldn't be such a bad idea.

  1. Budget

When it comes to how much to spend or where the money is coming from, a wedding budget is a must.  It is too easy to over spend on a wedding and you can go from $15,000 savings to $25,000 wedding in no time, leaving you with a $10,000 debt.  One of the easiest pieces of your wedding to save on are your wedding invitations. Consider budget wedding invitations when announcing your special day to allow a larger budget on other aspects of your wedding.  The worst thing to do is start your marriage off with a large financial debt!  Check with family members to see if they are willing to help.  Traditionally the parents of the bride would help pay for the wedding, but now a days the grooms parents will also chip in if they are financially able. 

Couples themselves these days are becoming more independent and paying for their own weddings with minimal help from the parents.  Although, if you are one of the lucky ones that your parents are able to help, great! 

  1. Don't lose sight of what this day is really about

Try and keep in mind when dealing with difficult situations that although this is just one day and one very important and special day, it is just that, one day. Its the rest of your lives that are the important part of any marriage. 

So as much as you want it to be perfect you need to just go with the flow.  If something is forgotten or time did not allow it to be completed, no worries, you may realize it's not there, but your guests won't.  They didn't know it was going to be there in the first place. 

  1. Enjoy!

This is your day, the day you and your groom/bride become husband and wife.  This is one day, but after this day, you have the rest of your lives!  Relax and try and enjoy and embrace every moment.  Be in love and show it.  Share your happiness with your family and friends.  And most importantly, take a moment to reflect, this is your day to share your love with your family and friends!

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