To You And Your Marriage

As a bride we sometimes worry that combining our lives with another means losing ourselves, but that doesn't have to be the case. This poem sends positive wishes for a happy marriage as well as continuing to be a happy individual.

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May you never lose yourself,
May you grow in love and life,
May you learn from your mistakes,
All the while enjoying being man and wife.

May this adventure you are on,
Keep your spark alive.
May you find what you need from each other,
And may you never be deprived.

May you see each others needs,
Before the need is met.
May your marriage stay true and strong,
And may there never be a threat.

May the light set in the mornings,
Awake you side by side.
May the sun set in the evenings,
Cuddled up with love and pride.
Julie Hebert

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