It's About You

Many people aren't fans of bridal showers, but we all need to remember that they are not about the cheesy games or crappy prizes, but about the celebration of a soon to be bride. This poem discusses how every bride and guest should see bridal showers.

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A bridal shower is so much fun,
Gives us a chance to celebrate you.
Before you know it you'll be hitched to your dream,
No longer alone but connected by love so true.

I know you probably disagree,
Some of your guests will too.
Bridal showers don't get a good rap,
But that doesn't have to be true.

We can change the misconception around bridal showers,
We can make them fun again.
There are many different ways to modernize them,
They just need to be contained.

Bridal showers are not about the games or the prizes,
That many detest about them.
They are about you, the bride to be,
And the marriage that is about to come.

So lets celebrate you, in a bridal shower of love,
May your special day begin today.
We wish you the best in this marriage and your life,
And may your wedding be the perfect day.
Julie Hebert

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