Working Together

It never hurts to share with newly engaged people ways to create a strong marriage. That is what this poem does. It reminds them that marriages, good marriages don't come from ignorance but good planning and depending on each other.

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Your engagement set the tone,
For this love to continue to bloom.
After the nuptials when you can calm,
Connected lives will then presume.

Not sure what that will entail,
It's up to you how life will prevail.
But I know that life will be great,
Together you will not fail.

Find each others strengths,
And use them however you can.
You are stronger when working together,
And that was always God's plan.

People say marriage is hard,
And in some cases that is true.
But it doesn't have to be,
It will all depend on you.

Go into this with a plan,
To not ever take each other for granted.
Many go into a marriage,
Expecting a life that is enchanted.
Julie Hebert

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