A Bride

Brides love all the excitement of the days leading up to their wedding day but its still nice to remind them of what is to come and what a lovely bride they are going to make. This poem does exactly that. Enjoy!

A bride you are going to be,
So sweet and beautiful.
May you always be happy and love,
Never feeling undutiful.

May a smile appear upon your face,
As you walk toward him.
May your future flash before your eyes,
Excitement filling every limb.

May you feel more beautiful than ever,
A princess for just one day.
Though the next day will be calm and ordinary,
May he always make you feel that way.

When the next day comes and all has calmed,
May you keep the excitement alive.
May your marriage be strong and undoubtedly committed,
May it always find ways to thrive.
Julie Hebert

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