The Day You Tied The Knot

When we send wishes to those we love on special occasions such as a bridal shower or wedding, we truely hope they come true. Some do and sometimes they don't. This poem reminds our receptors to look forward to what is to come but to also not forget their wedding day as it will help them through the unexpected times in their lives.

Many wishes from us to you,
On such a special day.
Take this moment and see it for what it is,
A new life, a new family, a new way.

May this day be everything you had hoped,
With everything going your way.
As this may be the last time for that,
Compromise will now be part of each day.

May the good wishes of today,
Follow you after your wedding.
May they bless your marriage in every way,
And may they bless where ever you're headed.

Those who love you will wish great things,
Many wishes will come true, others not.
No matter how things unfold in your life,
Never forget the day you tied the knot.
Julie Hebert

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