65 Good Morning Wishes



Mornings are so important to each and every day. Be a smile on someones face by sending them a good morning wish to brighten their morning and start their day off on the right foot.


  1. A wonderful morning to you! May your day be filled with wishes that come true.

  2. Another wonderful morning to begin this great day with. Let the day commence!

  3. Rise and shine on this beautiful sunny morning. Wishing you a light and spiritual day ahead!

  4. Mornings arenít for everyone, but I know that for you, this morning is a grateful one. I hope your day continues much the same.

  5. Get up and get a moving, donít waste another moment of your day!

  6. Hugs and kisses for you and only you to kick start this magical of days.

  7. Hello and good morning! Time to start this blessed day!

  8. Greetings first thing in your day. Have a superb and marvelous day!

  9. Time to share all of your sweetness with the world. Good morning to a wonderful and kind person.

  10. Life is short, donít waste your morning sleeping it away, but seize the day and accept everything that is coming your way.

  11. Yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow will be tomorrow, but today is today and the start of a brand new day! Enjoy every moment.

  12. Today when you finally decide to start your day, do it humbly, be kind to everybody and be thankful for it!

  13. Life is a gift, and so is each morning we get to wake up! Be thankful and not wasteful for we do not know what tomorrow brings!

  14. A gift from God, this blessed day is for you. Receive it with thanksgiving.

  15. Good morning to you, the sun is up and so should you. Get up and ready for a wonderful day.

  16. The daylight has broke, no more darkness today. Until nighttime comes, the day is yours.

  17. Your morning has begun, just look out at that marvelous sun. Get up and enjoy the day, its time to make your way!

  18. A fresh morning for a fresh start. Forget the faults of yesterday and look forward to the successes of today.

  19. Our plans have been made and now it is time to put them into action. So rise and shine to this exciting day!

  20. I hope today is filled with many smiles and lots of laughs. Good Morning to you!

  21. You are special, you are different because you are unique. Be you today, no one else!

  22. This morning, stay in bed, relax and dream. Let yourself rejuvenate and rest up. You deserve it.

  23. Today is your clean slate, your time to write again. Today will be different from tomorrow.

  24. The great things about mornings is each is a new stepping stone to bigger and better decisions. Make this morning greater than the last.

  25. Be lazy this morn if you need, but use it wisely as this morning is the only one for today.

  26. Push through today knowing that tomorrow will bring another morning for you to start again. Donít worry about things that will be history tomorrow.

  27. Make this morning be a great one filled with creativity and imagination. This world could use all it can get!

  28. How amazing is it to be given a gift every morning that allows us to wake up and enjoy another beautiful day with your loved ones.

  29. Every time you think youíve run out of time, allow mornings to remind you that you still have time to change.

  30. Good morning and good day. Make today be the day you make a difference.

  31. Life is how we make a difference and today, this morning, you get to start yours!

  32. Start your day off with a good and healthy breakfast so you can make the rest of your day tasteful!

  33. Time to accomplish great things and new opportunities. Time to start your day! Good Morning!

  34. A morning filled with love, energy and happiness is a morning to remember!

  35. We always expect mornings to arrive, but this isnít the case for everyone. So be thankful and enjoy each and every morning.

  36. A happy life begins with a happy day which starts with a happy morning. Make your morning be the happiest!

  37. Sending the happiest of morning vibes to you this morning. Wishing you a wonderfully happy day!

  38. Donít get out of bed on the wrong side! Always get out on the right side. Life is too short to make bad exit choices!

  39. May every morning be a reason to smile and keep smiling as the day continutes.

  40. Wake up with an exciting thought is the best way to start your day! Good Morning!

  41. A new day for a new start and a way to correct any wrongs or make better decisions.

  42. Sometimes it seems like the most difficult task of our day is getting up in the morning! You can change that, its all in how you look at it!

  43. Trust that each morning you choose to be here, is a morning that is worth making a difference!

  44. Welcome to your new day, your clean slate and your happy choices giving you great end of day results.

  45. Each morning is a chance to learn from our mistakes and another chance to help change this world.

  46. Wake up with a smile and an inspiration to create a day and world worth living in.

  47. You have made it this far, so donít just survive, but have faith that your transformation is just around the corner.

  48. Mornings are no mistake, they remind us that we are not out of time. We still have time to become better people and make a difference.

  49. Tell yourself this morning that you can do anything your mind can think of. You are amazing!

  50. Each morning I am with you I feel your love and want nothing more than to be with you even longer.

  51. Start each morning with a positive thought for your day. As you walk through your day remember to make that positive thought reality.

  52. Mornings make my lips form into a smile each and every time I roll over and find you lying beside me. Your embrace is all it takes to excite me for the day ahead.

  53. Every morning I wake up I feel lucky to have you in my life. Good morning to my lucky charm.

  54. Donít be afraid this morning of things that happened in the past. More forward with a brave heart today as today is a new day!

  55. This morning is the morning you should forgive yourself for any misdoings and start to believe in yourself that you are good and can be good.

  56. Some mornings are much more difficult to get up with a smile on your face than others, so look for the good, happy and exciting things to make those morning a little bit easier.

  57. A marvelous morning to you! May this morning be incredible, full of life and best of all, full of love!

  58. This morning you may wonder why God has given it to you, But it may not be for you, this day with you in it may be for someone else. Be a blessing this morning!

  59. Happy morning for the happiest day filled with lifeís little things. The little things in life can be better than any big things! So enjoy the little things life has to give you.

  60. This morning and today isnít going to be perfect, but if you can re-frame from complaining, youíll see your day may just be a little bit better. Donít dwell on things that donít make you smile.

  61. My prayer for you today was for your day to be filled with many blessings and many smiles.

  62. Start each day off with a smile that brightens all who cross your path.

  63. Happy thoughts this morning for you. I wish your day be filled with positivity!

  64. Each day is a precious gift, and this morning is no different. Remember to treat is as such!

  65. Donít allow yourself to cringe at the sound of your alarm. Good mornings start with a lovely way to wake up.


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