62 Wedding Anniversary Wishes

After the engagement comes the wedding and then after the wedding each year we get to reminisce and celebrate the one very special day we became husband and wife.  This is not a day we should dust off.  We should use it to strengthen our marriage, to rejoice in it and give thanks for one another.  Below you will find some ways to share how you feel on this special day with your significant other or for a special couple.

  1. Hard to believe another year has passed. You will have been married for ____ years but to us it seems as if you were never apart.
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  2. I love that you know so much about me, I love that you make me smile, but most of all, I love you. I will continue to love you as each year passes by.
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  3. On the day we wed we vowed to grow old together in sickness or in health. And through all our tribulations, this is happening. I thank God for our time together.
    Wedding Quotes

  4. From the moment we met, I knew you had a marriage to celebrate. Keep celebrating as often as possible. Your marriage is worth the celebration.
    Marriage Wishes

  5. One day you will celebrate a wedding anniversary that will remind you of your graduation because you will have worked hard at your marriage to get there just like you did with your education. But until that milestone, you can celebrate your graduation and be proud of your accomplishment!
    Graduation Wishes

  6. Christmas is like any good anniversary, it comes around once a year and we get to celebrate with all we have to make it the best day possible.
    Merry Christmas Wishes

  7. We celebrate throughout our lives, birthdays, anniversaries more than once. But sometimes we celebrate things just once in a lifetime, like weddings and retirements. Take the time to celebrate life every chance you get.
    Retirement Wishes

  8. Anniversaries can be a tricky thing. Some can be easy and exciting such as a wedding anniversary, but others arenít so much fun, like the lost of someone we cherish. Both can bring great memories floating to the surface. Take the time to remember!
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  9. Birthdays and anniversaries are the same. Time to celebrate another great year and an increase in time!
    Birthday Wishes

  10. The years youíve put into this marriage of yours, shows and is seen with envy. You were the few that did things right and never took your marriage for granted.
    Wedding Messages

  11. Every year we celebrate different holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, to name a few. And then there are other anniversaries we get to celebrate like birthdays and marriages. No matter the reason, celebrating these yearly things are what brings our families together several times a year and I am so very thankful for that!
    Easter Wishes

  12. Strength is such a necessity in every marriage, and each time we celebrate our anniversary, we get to remember how wonderful our combined strengthen has held our marriage together.
    Marriage Poems

  13. Our ceremony was fantastic. I will always remember how you smiled when I said my wedding vows. Thankfully, I still see that smile every day I see your face.
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  14. Life is filled with Anniversaries. Wedding Anniversaries are probably the most popular. But Birthdays are a close second.
    Happy Birthday Brother

  15. Happy Thanksgiving my love. May we continue to treasure all the blessings we have been given, together as we have always done before.
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  16. A marriage like yours is one in a million. For each year that passes and starts again, your love shines through stronger than the last.
    New Year Wishes

  17. Any anniversary could be just another day, but not with us. This day is our holiday. The only day that is only about you and I!

  18. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people whom we have come to love and respect as our truest and loyalest friends.

  19. I love you more than words can say. Happy Anniversary Baby! There, I said it!

  20. I couldnít be prouder of the marriage you both have created. Its strengthen and love shines through every time I am around you.

  21. One day to commemorate this special day doesnít seem like enough!! We should have at least two!

  22. An evening with you and only you is a great way to spend our anniversary.

  23. Life constantly is trying to mess up our lives, but what I love is that we never give in to the pressures of this world.

  24. Wishing you as much happiness in the coming years as you have had in the past.

  25. It has been a delight to watch the happiness you two have had together and our wish for you is many more years of happiness.

  26. A wedding is a time of rejoicing, an anniversary is a time to be thankful.

  27. They say we are like two peas in a pod, but thatís not entirely true. We are more like two peas in a box, no way we could survive each others sleeping patterns if we were that close together. Thank goodness for king size beds!

  28. A wish for you on this anniversary of happiness, love and joy.

  29. If there is anything I learned from our marriage this past year, its how much I truly love you.

  30. You both are the couple that everyone looks up to and wants to be. But I know you arenít just great on the outside, but on the inside too!

  31. Happy Anniversary to the one couple I look up to. There has never been a better pair!

  32. How lovely is it when you get to enjoy your anniversary in peace and quite! I realize this isnít the case for you, but if I had one wish for you, that would be it!

  33. Your kindness and love for each other is contagious. Happy Anniversary!

  34. There is always that couple that seem so perfect it drives everyone crazy. Well you are that couple but in this case, we feel only love when we are around you both.

  35. This world is filled with hurt and anger. Iím so glad you have each other to bring happiness and love into the world.

  36. For every Anniversary you celebrate, may your happiness grow and your love be unbearable!

  37. Memories are eternal and each time you create a happy memory you are filling your memory bank with wondering moments of your lives together. Keep making those memories!

  38. When we marry sometimes life becomes dull and boring. May this never happen to your marriage and may you constantly be surprising each other.

  39. Continue to be good to each other and never stop showing how much you care.

  40. Remember its the little things that make a difference. This is no different in a marriage. Keep up the great marriage.

  41. As we grow old, so does our relationship. We know each other a little better and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Its totally how you look at it, so make it a good thing!

  42. Sending nourishing thoughts for a fruitful marriage full of love and passion.

  43. I love you more and more each year that passes. Life may not be easy, but it sure is fun with you by my side.

  44. Happiness is a wonderful thing to have, which is even better when you have someone to share it with. So happy you have each other and I hope the years treat you both well.

  45. Is it possible for two people to grow even closer? In your case it is. Seems like each anniversary you have you grow closer each time!

  46. For every happy year that has passed and every happy year that will come, I am grateful and full of thanks!

  47. Many blessings on a wonderful marriage that continues to strengthen each and every year you celebrate your Anniversary. Blessings

  48. You both have shared so many wonderful memories. Wishing many more to come.

  49. Our lives get so busy and we are put on the back burner. But not tonight! Tonight is about you and me baby. Just the two of us.

  50. Our marriage has survive so much. Iím so proud and thankful that we made it and look forward to the next part of our journey together.

  51. To my Sweetheart, the love of my life. May our tale only be in the beginning.

  52. Sending loving wishes to a great couple on their anniversary.

  53. Our tale has been epic and full of romance. Lets continue this tale for many more years to come.

  54. Our marriage has been full of laughter and happiness. On this anniversary I vow to you that this will never change.

  55. How do people go through life forgetting their anniversaries. I love this day and will never forget the most important decision I made in my entire life.

  56. We have a love story that began the moment I met you and continues for many years later. Happy anniversary and may this anniversary be yet another day we can rejoice in our love.

  57. We are sending loving wishes to you on your anniversary. May the love continue to flow for many many more years to come.

  58. I count myself lucky for having you in my life. May our love survive anything that is put in its path.

  59. Before I met you I had hopes and dreams and ambitions I did not think had room for anyone else in my life. Then there was you and I have never looked back. May this anniversary be a reminder of a choice that changed my life.

  60. There is nothing unreal about you and me! Our marriage is raw, imperfect and full of trials and tribulations. Even so, I wouldnít change it for the world. Happy Anniversary!

  61. I absolutely love this day. I love that we get to celebrate us, nothing else, just you and me!

  62. What can I say about the day we got married, well Iíd have to say I remember your beauty. I remember our love and I remember...our first kiss! I will never forget.

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