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Writing your own wedding vows can be a difficult task, but it is well worth it in the end.  No amount of pre-written vows will ever tell your bride or groom exactly what you are feeling on this very special day. If you are up for the challenge and would like to write your own promises, we are here to help.  To start, you need to get inspired.  Read through some pre-written vows, love quotes & poems or even romantic short stories.  This will get you in the mood!  Once you are ready to go, make sure you are alone with your thoughts, no distractions and you have something to write with. 


Rule #1 – you have to start it off with something like this:

  • I, (your name), take you, (brides name), to be my…

·         Lawfully wedded husband/wife

· My partner in life

· My friend

· My love(r)

·         Husband/wife

· My constant friend

· One true love

You can choose one of these or use more than one to say something like, “to be my partner in life, my constant friend, my one true love…" You can end it just like that or add:

              • …from this day forward.

              • …from now until eternity.

              • …to cherish forever.

Rule #2 – Tell him/her what you vow or promise to them: (you can use as many of these as you want)

  • I promise to…

· …be worthy of your love

· …respect you

· …laugh and cry with you

· …honor you

· …support you

· …love you for who you are

·         …love you unconditionally

· …to cherish you

Rule #3 – Tell him/her what you give the them:

  • I give you …

· …my love…

·         …my commitment…

· hand…

· …my heart…

· …my promise to love you always and forever…

Rule #4 – End in:

  • …through whatever life throws at us.

  • …throughout all the seasons of life.

  • …as long as we both shall life.

  • …until death do us part.

Of course these are all just options and you can write your vows however you decide.  But hopefully this gives you a starting point.  You may find it nice to add in a wonderful story about how you met, the first time you saw her/him, the first time you knew you were in love.  Or maybe your wishes for this marriage.  If you hope they will make your relationship stronger?  You may also want to add what you love about the person you are marrying.  These rules are just guidelines and are made to be broken.  You may find seeing wedding vows samples to be helpful when starting to write.

We hope you have found these steps helpful in writing your vow to your soon to be husband/wife.  Although there are some romantic wedding vows out there, we just can’t help feeling that no vow will ever be as well written and from the heart as one that is written personably. 

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