Bridal Shower Poems


Celebrate a new engagement with some poems for the bride at her wedding shower.


Congrats To The Bride & Groom
The day you stood in front of him,
And pledged youd be with him,
Is the day you stood and changed your life,
Happiness spilled from every limb.

You decided he was worth it all,
And the two of you should be one.
He slipped that ring onto your finger,
Instant lotto you had won.

I must say I am amazed,
He was able to sweep you off your feet.
A great guy he is, so sweet and warm,
But wasnt sure he could take the heat.

But now its done and here we are,
To celebrate great news.
So raise your glass, lets make a toast,
To ________ & ________, brought together by fates muse.
Julie Hebert

A Different Kind Of Bridal Shower
Bridal Showers can be so lame,
But not this one you see.
We have changed things up a bit,
Im sure you will agree.

We plan to share great stories,
Of how this couple met.
This story is like no other,
The bride is going to sweat.

Wed added to the punch,
To give it a bit of zip.
And many yummy treats,
Dont forget to taste the dip.

Well chat and reminisce,
On thing far in the past.
Talk about the wedding,
And a toast will be made last.

Julie Hebert

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