6 Wedding Shower Games

For any bridal shower there is always need for games!  We have compiled a few fun games that we have seen or played ourselves at showers.  Feel free to take these ideas for the bridal shower you are planning.  Wishes only can hope you will enjoy them as much as we did.


  1. How Well Does The Bride Know The Groom??

This is a hilarious game for not only the guests but the bride as well.  Get the groom to write a bunch of questions and answers about himself before the bridal shower.  At the shower put a bunch of gum in front of the bride (same amount of pieces as there are questions).  Have one person ask the questions or give each guest a question and ask the bride.  For each question that the bride gets wrong, she has to put another piece of question in her mouth.  When the bride gets a few pieces of gum in her mouth it gets funny watching her try and answer the next questions!


  1. Bridal Bingo

Create bingo cards with 25 empty spaces (5 rows and 5 columns).  Give these to guests when they first sit down and have them write in what gifts they think the bride will get.  As the bride opens her gifts, the guests can mark it off their bingo card if they had guessed that gift.  The first person to get 5 in a row correct win a prize.


  1. Clothes Pin Game

Give everyone a clothes pin on arrival.  Once everyone arrives, tell them they can't say a speicif word (should be something most people would say without thinking about, eg. wedding)  If a guests hears another guest say "that" word they take their clothes pin.  At the end of the shower, the person with the most pins, wins a prize.


  1. Who Knows The Bride The Best

Ask the bride answers to some questions you have come up with before the shower.  At the shower ask those same questions for all the guests or just a few selected guests.  The person who gets the most questions correct wins a prize.


  1. Scrambled Words Game

Pick 10-15 words relating to weddings (eg. bride, groom, wedding, ceremony, vows, rings, etc) and scramble them.  Allow guests a certain amount of time and the person with the most correctly unscrambled wins a prize.


  1. I Never

Each person starts with 10 items (pennies, candies, poker chips, whatever) and sitting in a circle or around a table the first person says a statement (eg. I've never loved a man).  Those that have done whatever was said has to throw in one of their items.  The last person with an item wins a prize.



So as you can see there are many different options for shower games.  And there are many, many more to come, so check back every once in a while or if you know of a great game that we don't have listed here, please email it to us.


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