98 Happy Birthday Blessings

Give your friends or family members something wonderful by sending them happy birthday blessings.  These happy blessings can be written in a card or as part of a gift.  Either way, you can use these sayings and proverbs to bless the guest of honour.


Sending a happy birthday blessing to someone on their birthday is a wonderful way to show them how much you care for them and want to see them receive many happy blessings in their life.

  1. With each birthday you celebrate, may you grow happier, wiser and more patient.
    Happy Birthday Brother

  2. Many happy blessings coming your way on this birthday of all birthdays!
    Birthday Wishes

  3. May everything you dream of, be everything you receive. Happy Birthday with many blessings to find you!
    Graduation Wishes

  4. Wishing you one of the best birthdays yet. May you be showered in blessings from all those you love.
    Love Sayings

  5. May this birthday feel like the only birthday you have ever celebrated. May it be that special.
    Happy Birthday Quotes

  6. May the next year of your life be filled with blessings, many adventures, and advantages.
    Wedding Blessings

  7. May you feel like you are 10 years younger than you are on this birthday.
    Irish Blessings

  8. May all your wishes not only come true but be extremely more exciting than ever expected. Happy Birthday.
    Engagement Wishes

  9. Wishing you many blessings in love, faith, and family!
    Wedding Toasts

  10. May all your joys be pure joys,

    and all your pain be champagne.

    Author Unknown
    Wedding Toasts

  11. To the old, long life and treasure;

    To the young, all health and pleasure.

    Ben Jonson - English Poet
    Happy Birthday Quotes

  12. Today is the first day of your next year, spend it well by being thankful for all the blessings and happy moments.
    Retirement Wishes

  13. How great it is to be able to celebrate this special day with you.  And I plan to see you celebrate many more happy times.
    Wedding Phrases

  14. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Don't go and sweat it,
    There's always someone older than you!
    Funny Birthday Poems

  15. I wish we could be there to celebrate in person, but keep in mind that although we are not there in body, we are there in spirit.  Have a wonderfully happy birthday among those you love, remembering you have more loved ones wishing they could be there but send their blessings instead.
    Wish You Were Here

  16. It is definitely hard to believe we have made it this far.  And I'm not just talking about our age, our friendship has aged well too! Just goes to show how many blessings we have received.
    Funny Retirement Quotes

  17. For each day we are blessed to live on this earth, we grow a day older. A small sacrifice we all should all be thankful for.
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  18. Many blessings for a long and healthy life with family and friends.
    Marriage Wishes

  19. I love you so much and all you do for your family and your friends and most of all, those you don't even know. Your birthday is worth celebrating because you are a blessing in all of our lives!
    I Love You So Much Quotes

  20. Missing you more than anyone on your birthday.  May you know you are loved and missed.
    I Miss You Quotes

  21. Celebrate your birthdays and think of them as blessings! I mean, where would you be if you had no birthdays to celebrate?
    Birthday Sayings

  22. Sending you many blessings on your birthday for a wonderful year filled with love and excitement.
    Happy Birthday Greetings

  23. Birthday Proverbs:

  24. The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.
    English Proverb

  25. Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.
    French Proverb

  26. Make hay while the sun shines.

  27. Men grow old, pearls grow yellow, there is no cure for it.
    Chinese Proverb

  28. We grow too soon old and too late smart.
    Pennsylvania Dutch Proverb

  29. Monthly Birthday Blessings

  30. January – Thick as the snowflakes falling here, may blessings greet you year by year.

  31. February – As neath the ice the limpid waters flow, so may you triumph over earthly woe.

  32. March – Like birds that twitter in the early spring, may joy within your heart forever sing.

  33. April – May sunshine brighten all your hours, and life’s storms pass like April showers.

  34. May – God grant May blossoms may your emblem be, your life all fragrance and all purity.

  35. June – Sweet as the bouquet of the bee, ‘mid’ June flowers may your portion be.

  36. August – Like the butterfly’s flight through the August air, may your voyage through the world be exempt from care.

  37. September – Sow the seed of kindness and may each blessed shoot, spring in strength about you and bear abundant fruit.

  38. October – Thick as October leaves that strew the ground, may your good deeds and cheering words be found.

  39. November – Though chill November usher in the winter’s cutting blast, for you may every breath of ill flow swiftly, lightly past.

  40. December – With clear and quiet conscience as you hear the old year’s knell may you reflect upon your course and know you have done well.

  41. Happy Birthday Blessings Friend:

  42. May this year leave you feeling not one day older but many days wiser. Happy Birthday!

  43. Birthdays need to be fun and exciting. May this birthday allow you to share your biggest joys and blessings with the ones you love.

  44. You have always been a great friend to me. On this birthday may everyone around you realize just how great a friend you truly are.

  45. I wish that you will celebrate many more happy birthdays to come.

  46. How thankful am I that I get to celebrate such a wonderful day with someone I love.  You are one of the greatest blessings in my life.

  47. God has been good to you, and on your birthday he has blessed you with so many friends and family to celebrate with.

  48. Happy Birthday to someone awesome!  Many blessings are coming your way!

  49. String the balloons and bring out the cakes, its time to be happy and celebrate!!!

  50. Congratulating you on another candle being added to your birthday cake! Blessings come in many different forms!

  51. May this be the happiest birthday yet, filled with happy moments to become great memories.

  52. Hoping you receive the greatest birthday you can think of.

  53. You're another year older, and another year wiser. Happy Birthday!

  54. So happy another year has found you, may it be the best year yet filled with many blessings.

  55. With age there comes wisdom, and then there is you!

  56. I can only wish for the best birthday you will ever have, it up to you to make it happen!

  57. Let's make a promise to celebrate each birthday with excitement and a want for many, many more!

  58. A great future has many birthday parties.  You certainly have a great future, your birthdays are always the best.

  59. You have been blessed with so many wonderful birthdays in the past and the good Lord has blessed you with yet another.  Let the blessings keep on coming.

  60. Happy birthday to another birthday bringing another year of wisdom under your belt!

  61. I do love it when my friends celebrate getting another year older. Makes me feel younger every time! Happy Birthday!

  62. Whoever said birthdays are a time to be sad, did they forgot about the cake, presents, and party!

  63. Another birthday, another amazing year, another future of great possibilities! Happy Birthday!

  64. Such a good friend deserves all the wishes and blessings they desire, especially on their birthday.

  65. Celebrating a birthday such as yours brings joy and happy thoughts to many people around.

  66. It's your birthday and you'll cry if you want to, but I'm here to ask you not to cry, but rejoice! Its your birthday, so smile!

  67. Birthdays are awesome, especially when they are yours and flow with many blessings!

  68. Sucks to get older, but the happy memories we carry with us each year makes it well worth the extra number!

  69. With age becomes wisdom. You must be really smart!

  70. On this birthday I wish you nothing but the best of blessings available. May the wish you make while blowing out your candles come true and make you very happy.

  71. Birthdays are always under-appreciated. For if it weren't for birthdays, you wouldn't be here, and that would definitely not be something to celebrate. We prefer to celebrate having you, even if you're getting old.

  72. Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of you to the world. You are one of our blessings!

  73. I never understood why people don't like to celebrate their birthdays. It comes with cake and presents, isn't that enough?

  74. Turning another year older is a good thing, it shows that you're still living.
    Celebrating your birthday is a happy mementos occasion. Not because of your age, but because on this day you were brought into this world.

  75. If there's something that you're dreaming of then may it all come true, because you deserve it all...Happy Birthday.

  76. Hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all the choices of things and all that your heart holds dear. Have A Fun-Filled Day.

  77. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!

  78. Happy Birthday and best wishes for someone who is deserving of so much.

  79. Everyone has to have so many birthdays before they are considered cleaver. You, my friend, passed that point many, many years ago. We now consider you wise.

  80. Celebrating birthdays is underrated.  It should be a joyous event with lots of laughter and happiness.

  81. There are folks that have birthdays and then there are folks that deserve birthdays.  You, my dear, are one of those folks that deserves everything! Yet takes nothing.  All I ask is you take this birthday and celebrate it as you deserve to!

  82. Too many people feel birthdays are a sad time.  A time when they get older, greyer and add yet another wrinkle to their face.  Well if you ask me, adding another wrinkle to your face sounds like a great idea.  Wrinkles are a sign of laughter, and laughter is a sign of a happy person.  If it were me, I'd take wrinkles over no wrinkles any day!  And so should you.

  83. I can't believe it's your birthday already! Man, time flies and you're getting old.

  84. Happy Birthday, may this year be your best yet!

  85. Take the time to enjoy every day between your birthdays. Birthdays are great, but the days in between are your life! Celebrate those blessings.

  86. Happy Birthday to a person who feels birthdays aren't much fun.  Well I'm here to advise you birthday are only as fun as you make them.  And I plan on making this birthday a hoot! So get your dancing shoes on, its time to party!

  87. Another year older you may turn, but to me, you're the same person I met so many years ago.

  88. Wow, how the wisdom must be boiling over within you!  They say the older you are the more wisdom you obtain.

  89. The invitations were exciting! Gaves us something to look forward too.  Now that your big day is here, so glad we could be apart of this birthday celebration honoring you and sending you into another year with many blessings!

  90. Last year we partied like it was going to be your last.  This year lets party like it's you're first.

  91. Don't let birthdays be just a number.  They are so much more than that. They remind us of all the blessings we have in our lives.

  92. Only a blessed person can have so many wonderful things going on in their life!  I can only imagine things will keep on being amazing.

  93. Many blessings on your birthday. God knows you have been blessings to me and so many other people.

  94. Too many people in this world do not see birthdays as how they should be seen. They are blessings we are given, another year older, another year with our family and friends that not everyone is given. So enjoy today and be happy about the extra candle on the cake!

  95. In this season of life, our birthdays are no longer burdens but blessings. May these blessings not be your last and may the years in between be filled with fun and laughter.

  96. Happy Birthday God Bless You

  97. This year, may God bless you in ways you could not even imagine with blessings that are both small and big.

  98. Happy Birthday. May you be blessed by God with things that will help you enjoy the next year of your life with more happiness than you have seen before.

  99. Your life has been one huge blessing although you can never have too many blessings. May he continue to bless you on this birthday.

  100. Happy Birthday and may you be given all the blessings and love you deserve.

  101. Today is a day we all sit back and remember the day you were blessed into our family.  God certainly blessed us all on that very special day.

  102. May God bless you on this birthday and the many years to come.

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It is a wonderful thing to want those you love to receive blessings and what a perfect time to do that than on their birthday when they are maybe feeling a little old!  Remind them, getting older doesn't have to mean anything other than receiving another blessed year of life.

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