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When planning a wedding, eventually you’ll be in search for photo albums. You’ll want to preserve your photo memories and have something nice to be able to share with family and friends and to be able to look back on for years to come.


Other than the bride and groom looking for that perfect album to house all those wonderful photo memories, you may be someone looking for a gift for the newlyweds. Although most couples will have a photographer, you may want to find out if they will be receiving an album of their pictures. If they are not you can then advise the bride and groom that you would like to purchase an album for them to slip their prints in. I would definitely discuss this with the soon to be husband and wife as they should be given the opportunity to tell you what they would like in the way of an album. Yes it won’t be a surprise, but you will also be making sure no one else will be doing the same thing.

If they will be receiving an album from their photographer, don’t worry, there's still hope. Many people will be taking “behind the scene” photos and the bride and groom will still be needing an album to house those pictures. This would be a more suitable gift if you were wanting it to be a surprise. If you know those invited pretty well, you could also ask guests to forward you their prints or send them via the internet so you could print them and put the album together for them. This may not be possible if you plan on giving them the album as their wedding gift.

There are many different types of albums available now a days. They go right to the top with the newest digital albums that are binded beautifully and have a variety of different album covers. All different sizes are available and duplicates of your album can be made as albums for the parents or even very small ones as thank you gifts to your bridal party. This style of albums can be made inexpensively as well, you just lose the quality of album covers and page paper but it is possible to get a digital album made at a fraction of the cost.

Then of course there is the traditional. These albums are made with slip in photo pages. There are some out there with the same quality album covers as the digital albums. The plus side to these albums is you can save costs by printing the images yourself. But then there is always the worry of losing a picture if it were ever to fall out.

Another, less expensive option would be to make your own album, scrapbook style. This is a lot of work but if you are into scrapbooking it may be right up your alley. You have total control doing an album like this. And you can make it look however you want it to look. You also have more options here if you want to put any captions in the album.

Whichever type of album you choose, be sure your images will follow you forever. Keep them in a safe place and don’t forget to take them out every once in a while to reminisce over your beautiful day. If you are getting an album as a gift, this will be a wonderful way to share your wishes with them. Thanks to you, they will have something beautiful to show off their pictures.

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