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You are now less than half way to your wedding day and your checklist is almost done.  Soon you will be finished with your checklist and dancing the night away at your wedding.  Your wishes will all be planned out very soon.  Keep up the good work!


Two to four months until the big day.

  • Order your wedding cake

  • Select and book your wedding day transportation

  • Shop for your wedding rings

  • Purchase gifts for your wedding party as a thank you

Only six to eight weeks left. 

  • Mail your invitations

  • Select hairstylist and choose your hairstyle

  • Select makeup artist and go for a test run

  • Have engagement pictures taken

  • Send wedding announcement and engagement picture to your local newspaper

  • Obtain your marriage certificate

Two to six weeks before your big day.

  • Confirm ceremony details with your officiate

  • Finalize rehearsal dinner plans

  • Finalize floral selections

  • Create a detailed timeline for your bridal party, photographers, videographers and anyone else that will need to know what is going on and where you will be at all times

  • Create a list of pictures you would like to have done for your photographer - be detailed and specific with names and places.

  • Start packing for your honeymoon - purchase items you do not have but will need.

  • Contact any guests that have not RSVP'd

  • Pick up wedding rings

  • Meet with photographer, videographer, DJ to confirm events and your wedding wishes for your big day

  • Create seating plan and plan reception room layout

  • Make sure all attire is either picked up or arranged to be picked up and by who

  • Make sure wedding party all know what their jobs are

Its almost here!  Find out what needs to be done the week before your wedding.

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