Thanksgiving Day

A Thanksgiving day poem is just what is needed when celebrating Thanksgiving. The first poem talks about how we should give thanks for the things we have and open our hearts to those in need around us just as our Creator would like us to do. The second poem reminds how Thanksgiving came about and how we need to remember those important first Thanksgivings and why this holiday came to be in the first place.

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Thanksgiving Day
In this beautiful world,
Where love's flag is unfurled
And given free scope to wave and entwine;
It does not become man
To complain of the plan,
Established by a Creator divine.

And on Thanksgiving Day
While we sing and we pray,
And give thanks for the rich stores we possess;
Our hearts should open wide,
To the poor by our side,
And take measures to relieve their distress.

For happy is the part,
Where there's love in the heart,
To lighten the sorrows of one in need;
And peace comes to the breast,
When we help the distrest,
And, O God, what joy comes from a good deed.
Crocket McElroy

Thanksgiving Day
With steadfast and unwavering faith, with hard and patient toil,
The pilgrims wrung their harvest from a strange and sterile soil.
And when the leaves turned red and gold beneith the autumn sun,
They knelt beside the scanty sheaves Their laboring hands had won,
And each grave elder, in his turn, with bowed and reverent head,
Gave thanks to bounteous Heaven for the miracle of bread.

And so was born Thanksgiving Day. That little dauntless band,
Beset by deadly perils in a wild and alien land,
With hears that held no fear of death, with stern, unbending wills,
And faith as firmly founded as the grim New England hills,
Though pitiful the yield that sprang from that unfriutful sod,
Remembering in their harvest time the goodly grace of God.

God grant us grace to look on this, our Glorious native land,
As but another princely gift from His almighty hand.
May we prove worthy of His trust and keep its every shore
Protected from the murderous hordes that bear the torch of war,
And be the future bright or dark God grant we never may
Forget the reverent spirit of that first Thanksgiving Day.
J. J. Montague

Use either of these poems, all of them or part of them, however you wish, in the presence of those who will be around you. We hope these poems remind you and your guests of what Thanksgiving Day is all about.

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