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Sending wishes to someone on their wedding day is a happy and joyful event. Sometimes though, the words aren't easy to find. Allow us to help make this step a little easier with our assortment of wedding wishes.  You will also find wishes for engagment, toasts and cards as well as ideas and checklists to help the happy couple plan their most special day.


Wedding Wishes:


We are wishing you the best wedding you could possible have on this special day!!  Congratulations!

Your wedding day will be a day you will look back on, reminisce and fall in love all over again.

'You did it, you made your promise to each other and now you are married! Congrats and enjoy a wonderful life together after your wedding!

Best wishes and may all the days of your marriage be that of happy times together.

Together you are one, I cannot imagine a life where the two of you are not together. You are a necessity for both of you and for those who are around you.

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Love can be felt when two people truely love and respect each other!



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Sending someone well wishes can sometimes be a difficult task.  Allow us to help.


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Mornings are an important part in anyones day, help someone you care about have a great start with a wonderful good morning wish from you!


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What To Write In A Thank You Card

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The love I feel for you today can only be a speck of the love I will feel for you once we are finally married!




As you can see, there are so many ways to send your wedding wishes to those you love.  And remember, just because you write your them in a card, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there.  Send them messages as many times as you want.  It will mean so much to the bride and groom to know you care.


Good luck and I hope this our website helps you find the words that you are looking for.


Love will come when you are not looking,

but if you've already found it,

it will be yours for as long as you allow it.



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