Engagement Wishes


Well this wonderful news has made my day!  Thanks for telling us about your engagement and we wish you nothing but the best!



You're engaged! We just heard the great news! Congrats and happy wedding planning



We were thrilled to hear the news of your engagement!  We can't wait to welcome your fiancée into the family!



Congratulations on your engagement. What a wonderful time this is for you both.


We are so very happy to hear the great news!  Such a special time for you both.


Happy engagement to a couple who is perfect for one another!



Well I can't say we didn't see this coming, but I can say how happy we are to know its official!



Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!  Happy Engagement!



We are jumping for joy with this marvellous news!  Congrats!



Congrats on the engagement!  Can hardly believe you guys are getting hitched!!


Wishes for the newly engaged couple of a beautiful life together.




We wish you only the best in what's to come!  Enjoy wedding planning!



Treasure this moment, s it will be a moment you will never forget.



This is just step number one, but wow is it a great step!  Enjoy it!



May your dreams of love and happiness together be fulfilled with nothing but the best.


Embrace life and love in this new step in togetherness.



A wonderful today means an even more wonderful future.



Engagement is the time between two people that makes them truly realize how important they are to each other. This is a time to treasure.



Engaged! Yeah!  We could not be more excited for you both!




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